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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, January 20, 2008

The map below in the previous post represents where the SKP Graduating Class of 2006 is at this point in time...kinda cool to see where our friends are spending the winter or are off exploring. Sometimes you will notice that I reference our graduation "class" of 2006. This was a small thread that began on the Escapee's message board under fulltime rver's about who was hitting the road full time and when. They formed "classes" and so far I think there are about 6 "graduate classes" out roaming the USA. We had initially wanted to hit the road full time in spring of 2006, but our plans changed with my hip problems and two surgeries that summer. I had already purchased our pins and official t shirts but the class said we could still be graduates even tho we didn't leave until Thanksgiving 2006. Each class holds get togethers. For example the "Class of 2007" just held their graduation at Quartsite AZ, as did the class of 2006 last year, which we missed due to our travels to Texas. We just met some of our classmates for lunch on Tuesday and had a ball. There are quite a few who winter now in the RGV and some that are still on the move. The only reason we winter with grandpa is that we can store the motorhome for free and still spend time with him taking care of the place and getting things ready for our next trip. Due to Paulie having to have his other hip replaced we still don't know what we are going to be doing come March. I was hoping to volunteer at a COE park in North Dakota but I can't even apply til we know when his surgery will take place.

I will post some more later...I still am behind in my posting...I have had a super busy week and haven't even practiced guitar so I still stink. I tried out a wonderful guitar while in Fredricksburg and now my guitar sounds like one from the clown band. Ugh.

til later...oh yeah, we are off to see LaJoya High School's Folkloria...should be fun...