The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, February 07, 2010

We are currently parked in Gulf Shores State Park in Gulf Shores, AL. We only drove about 150 miles or so yesterday. The weather is very cold, but we did have some sun today. We were on a mission to Olde Thyme Pottery, a woman's design dream warehouse where I purchsed some seat cushions for the bench seats and some pillows. And drooled over stuff I see on the decorating shows on TV. The prince on the other hand was on a red shrimp shrimp are deep water shimp that are light red in you couldn't have guessed that! They taste more like lobster than shrimp. We found a pound of the headless ones, some frozen whole and then he bought some jumbos we can grill. We will be leaving here in the morning, heading into Florida. Not sure we really want to get there too fast. The long term weather forcast is kinda dim...rain, more rain and cold, the story of every snow bird this year. Maybe Baja Mexico next winter?

Before we continue down to Tampa, we will be stopping in Hudson Florida where we plan to visit Suncoast Designers which is a place that refurbishes double pane windows in RV's that have fogging problems. Rather than replace the windows, we will try this much less expesive "fix".

After our shopping trip, we stopped to eat at King Neptunes, a place we had eaten at a couple of years ago. I had seafood etouffee that had a ton of shrimp, some cod and crab. Outstanding. My mouth was a bit tingly for several hours, but oh my it was good. The Prince had a fried shrimp basket with fries and a cajun bloody mary. The shrimp were small, and the bloody mary was too hot for our little pampered Princey. I tried it and after about three sips I was done too. Way outta our league...anyways who wants to burn their mouth when eating should be pleasurable!

While we were in the French Quarter in NO on Friday, I got a muffletta from Central Grocery...the very best sammich in Amerca I think! We ate at Jimmy Buffets place and I had the shrimp po boy, and file' gumbo. OH. It. Was. Heaven. In. A. Bowl! The prince had a Cuban sandwich. Hmmm, we are heading to Cuban Sandwich Captiol in Tampa and he eats one in New Orleans. Strange.
I had a ultimate Jimmy Buffet Margarita and I was tipsy after two sips. Strong stuff that Ultimate stuff.

We'll try to keep up on our adventures on here. Can't bet on it, but I am gonna try to post a couple times a week. We'll see!


PS...Who Dat won the Superbowl! Yah!