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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, September 01, 2007

Elkhart Campground...Elkhart, IN
Day 2

We both slept in today...around noon, we headed out to find the local used bookstore to hung down some of my ancient peoples novels...the gps (or the guy who selected the wrong address... I had just put the correct address in, and the "user" punched in the wrong one). This did however, allow us a complete tour of all parts of Elkhart...the good, the bad and certainly the poor ugly.
We finally found the place, but alas, no novels by W.M. Gear. Crap. I hate to think I'll have to pay FULL price for the rest of the series...4 or 5 books I think. I did check on but by the time I pay the price of the book and add the shipping charges, I could buy them at Barnes or someplace else. I think Barnes carries them all, so I will just bite the bullet and get the rest of them.

After the bust at the bookstore, we headed towards the RV Hall of Fame. Ok, you can stop laughing now you non-rv'ers. There IS such a place and although it is not yet completed, what we saw was an interesting history of the RV industry. Way back in the '20's they had some really neat RV's. I took a ton of pictures which I have yet to download. I can use the free wifi here to upload them...maybe tomorrow.

After browsing for awhile looking a the few exhibits available, we headed back to the rig. Siesta time for me, relax time for Paulie.
We made fried shrimp and french fries for dinner. They were pretty good. The mosquitoes were awful so after we finished eating we hightailed it into the rig. I hate those damm bloodsuckers. I am their favorite target. Once in the rig I got three more on the darn head, one on the cheek if you can believe I didn't catch THAT one and I did kill the sucker on my left forearm.

I think Sunday will be just a laze around day...or maybe not...we think we will go to Shipshewana on Monday...they are open for the holiday. The square and round dancers were at it again tonight, actually they started at 11 a.m. Gee, such stamina!

Well, that's all for today...I can't believe it is the first of September. Paulie has been doing some reading on the rising costs of Texas residency. Plus there is the yearly vehicle inspection and fees. Several folks we know from SKPs are changing domicile to South Dakota. Another dilemma. Geesh, this could pose a challenge. I don't give a whit where we register the vehicles and have our driver's licenses. We do have to think about Zack...his car is really MY car...his vehicle was the truck we sold last year. So, he will have to have SD plates and registration and just keep his Illinois stuff. I wonder how we will be able to do this? Hmmm, I have lots of questions to ask at the seminars next week.

Well, off to bed...