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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, July 12, 2008

I had a early shift today...ugh.

I am not truly comfortable arising in the middle of the night at 6:30 am to shower, get dressed and all the other stuff I can find to do in the early morning light, yanno. It is not in my chemical makeup to get up so darned early. It was harder this morning for some reason.

I apologize for the delay in photos of Mack, but circumstances beyond this poor gal's control...well somewhat beyond my control. We had a vet appointment...needed puppy supplies, have a Chicago dog over at Mickey's Chicago Dogs...stop at the fruit and veggie stand...yanno, important things!

Mack's first day and night was a series of sleeping, waking up in fright, and being startled by each and every noise. Maybe the little guy was only used to the sound of TV cartoons, what was on the TV when we arrived to pick him up on Thursday...I am NOT making this up! He sipped some water, but would not eat much. Paul crated him and put the crate on the dresser. When Mack would whine, Paul would stick a finger in the grate and try to comfort him. I guess he sorta nodded off and was promptly awakened by sharp little needle teeth trying to ch w off his finger. Foolish man. I got up with Mack about 6 and he did his biz on the puppy papers. He did really well on his first day, each time he awoke from his naps, I would put him on the paper. He complied each time! First stage of potty training begun!

Here is a picture of one of the many nappies Mack took....

After we got Mack on Thursday, Linda and Alan, fellow workampers, got another baby to join 5 year old toy poodle. No name as of yet but she is an light apricot, about three months old. She won't get much bigger than her current 3.5 lbs according to the what the breeder told Linda.

Here is a video of Mack and little new itsey bitsey poodle this morning....

They are so cute together. Just after I turned off the camera, Mack got around her and started doing the you know what puppies are apt to was embarrassing, he is only 6 weeks old! Can you believe he knew she was a female and that's what a guy is supposed to do? At 6 months, snip snip!

Here is another video of just Mack

And finally a picture of Mack and his little girlfriend...

Ah, the joy of watching a puppy personality emerge is truly fun. More later, folks.