The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, April 25, 2008

Well, yesterday, our day off was a total bust...nothing new with me, however. I was in a coma yesterday...knew what was going on, heard stuff, etc., but could not get up outta bed. Total fatigue hit and there is nothing for me to do, but go to bed. It is amazing to me that I can sleep for 20 hours at a time. You'd think the cat and I were related...all we do is sleep. She has an excuse, she is OLD...going on sixteen years now. I have no such excuse. Poor Paul...he finally got dressed and went to Walmart. Oh well, we have all summer to see the shows, so I guess no harm no foul. The rain yesterday was really heavy. We are expecting more today, severe thunderboomers and flash floods are being talked about. Being in this area, all hills and valleys, that could prove to be exciting to say the least.

I trained with Karen in the office on Wednesday. She is a bit more organized than Lorriane. I didn't know squat after training with Lorraine. I do have a better understanding of things after sitting with Karen tho. Being the critic I am, I think the system they use is ridiculous but hey, I am now just a "worker bee" not the boss so I gotta stop looking at thinks from a management to do things, better, faster, easier, etc. Very hard to do. The best part of the day was assembling pamphlets for customers...we have some outdated info which with the cost of printing today, necessitates taking a small printed sheet and placing it over the incorrect info with a piece of tape. Viola! Update brochures without costing a penny! I was instructed to the the piece of tape into threes...yup, snipped the piece of tape into three to save money. OK....

Gotta training today with the owner's 85 year old mother who is the "office manager". What a fun day I think I'll have, LOL!