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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 28, 2008

We have arrived...
We arrived in Weslaco around 4:30 p.m. The area does show the destruction, missing roofs, trees uprooted and debris all over the place. Guttering, pieces of roofing, awnings and the like littered the sides along the roadway. All the trees now lean in the direction where the winds blew in through the area. Very strange looking too.

Grandpa seems to be better since we are here. I think he was really scared to go through this himself. Of course, getting up on the roof in the storm was a bit foolish, which he readily admits. I am thinking we may be here for a long long time as he is just not as he used to be. Of course, we have to look at the fact that he is gonna be 92 years old. I don't think that he wants to drive anymore. He must have had a close call recently that he is not telling us about. The inside of the house if fine...the cleaning ladies must have been here before the storm hit. The outside is a wreak, the grass is like a jungle and everything is overgrown. We will get it in shape. I think he was greatly affected by not having electricity in this terrible heat, and the water was also off. We now have both and we now have the air going. The days are quite the high 90's but when the sun goes down, there is a nice breeze and it cools down a bit. It would be unbearable without the breeze.

Mack was fine once we got on the road, he mostly slept which is good. He would only eat if Mom hand fed him the little stinker. He did sleep on my shoulder alot while in motion. Maybe he felt safe up there. I have some pictures I will post hopefully tomorrow and will get some of the area if I can. I was useless today...I think the pressure to get here and the stress of what we would find made me a bit wound up. This of course makes a stressor for me and you know what happens then, LOL!

This has put a new spin on our plans for the holidays. I talked to Zack and I think he would rather come here for Christmas so we will look into that.

Well, that's about it for now. I will continue to update as we get things in order.

in hot, hot Weslaco!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Saturday 12:45 pm.

We are almost to Intersate 430 which will meet with I30 and get us into Texarkana, Tx. Sounds good, but then think about it... its a looonnnggg way from the top of Texas to the bottom. I think this route will take us through Houston and down along the coast to Corpus Christi. Suits me fine...seafood on the way home, YES!!

We will probably have a long day driving today...we have this feeling we are needed asap. Left Branson about 8:45. Took the Arkansas Senic Highway which took us through some beautiful awesome landscape. Rough on the Prince who had his hands full taking the curves and no guard rail narrow highway. Really spectacular views from them thar hills. LOL! I wanted to stop at Booger Gap, but by this time, the Prince had a pained expression on his face, and I could see the grip on the wheel was a bit tight. Obviously, the Prince was not enjoying this particular scenic road!

Our little guy Mack was absolutely terrified of all the new sounds...he shook for two hours it seemed like! He did sleep after I calmed him down little bit, poor baby. We stopped for a potty break and he went four times.

Well, that's about all I can report at this point, but will keep you posted on our progress and what we find.

Quick update...
Due to the Hurricane down home in Texas, we have left the workamping job two weeks early, and will resign the other gig before we even start. Grandpa is not handling this storm well, which is quite understandable. No electricty yet, water just turned back on. Bev called us from the park and was very concerned. His "color" is bad, and he is staggering a bit when he walks. There is no air conditioning and he was caught up on the roof removing debris and tree limbs. Old fart! And to make matters worse, his cell phone somehow got "fried". Now he can't even call us! His brother in law is now in the hospital with heart irregularities for doing similar stuff and the heat. Grrrr.

We will leave Branson this morning, Saturday and it is about 1000 miles or about 16 hours of driving. I hope we don't try to drive straight thru, I am unsure that I can drive at all now. This constant vertigo forbids me to do that.

I will keep in touch as we progress.



Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorry about not getting my new video up...I have been unable to use the park wifi for some unknown reason. Everyone else can, but me, the closest to the repeater, continually gets "local access only" (should read local and internet access) or a one bar signal which is truly useless.

I am trying again today...

welllll...again I am getting errors, grrrr, sorry! Foiled....again....!

I have been working hard at my new Editor job at Bella. I have to finish the training course by 7/29 I guess. There are numerous courses that I have to complete, each one has a quiz. The last several are very time consuming. Either I a truly a dork, or I just don't get some of the "webmaster" duties I must do. Frustrating to say the least. I did get two articles I must edit to get the link done correctly...after I posted the article I continued to read the last of the editor "must do's" and "must nots" and lo and behold...we are not supposed to do links just yet. Ooopsie.

I have also spent tons of time creating an Amazon shopping site. I can later add this to my site. I will be discussing most of the stuff I am listing. RV books, kitchen appliances I can't live without, and even some camping gear I would like to have if I don't have it already! I would love to be able to get this kinda stuff free to test and do a review of. I just read about a guy in Australia who gets free cars to test and review...there was an estimate that his blog's "worth" is over $5 million. I can just wish can't I?

I just saw the most ridiculous TV commercial by the McCain camp...they talk about high gas prices and how tough the economy is and they then show a picture of Obama and infer that it is his fault. Too funny. Sad thing is, they really believe that! Hmmm. Wonder about their inability to actually tell the truth. Obama caused the rise in oil prices. Yeah, well, OK. 'Nough about campains...I am sick to death of the crap on tv here in MO too...ugly stuff.

We are off today and would like to go see a show. It's called Noah the Musical and it is supposed to be incredible. The stage is u-shaped and there are supposedly real animals along with animatronic's. Then the Prince wants to see Shoshi...I have no need to see him, but I guess I'll tag along. It is very hot and veeerrrry humid here. Just like I remember our last week of July summer vacations in Osage Beach. Somehow being in the pool with the gang from Chicago sipping on some exotic frozen drink made it feel much much cooler! I miss those weeks, although I don't wish having to wait all year while working to get to that last week in July! Retirement is so much more enjoyable. I miss my friends at work but absolutely nothing else.

Well, have another article or 10 to write...gotta get ahead so I can then do some more research to do future articles!



Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good grief....

I haven't posted since last Wednesday! Well, I have an excuse, LOL!
I've been in the middle of a Meniere's attack. Wow, they are so very different now. No more barfing and vertigo. My attacks are milder yes, but still last several days. Terrible dizzies, headache, tiredness, nausea. I keep walking into things in the rig! Back to the quad cane alas! I shall survive! Bad thought...maybe this is the beginning of the left ear going...crap.

I am not going to write alot today, just post some pictures the Polish Prince took of the new little Princelet.

We had this visitor on our car, and he managed to stay aboard until we got back after an afternoon of shopping and errands!

Pretty cool looking dude eh? I did not take these you all know, I don't get near buggy creatures or any creatures that are not domecticated like dogs and cats.

I have another video to add but can't get a strong enought wifi signal with the rain we are getting, so check back later and it may be here.



Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Mack Attack takes a tumble....

I awoke this morning and Mack was eating something off my pillow. He had been outside and had a bite to eat before we went back to bed around 5 a.m. I know, I said he would be crate trained, but I know that eventually he will be in bed with us, so I caved. Such a toughie I am.
Anyways, he had barfed and was cleaning up after himself. Ick. So I got up and cleaned up the little area...the food was pretty much undigested and still in the kibble form. His vomiting continued throughout the day, and he never did make #2, except a bit of nasty runny stuff. Of course, I start to worry. He is very sleepy and has slept a lot of the day away...just like his mom. He was just fine this morning after our walk in the dawn, but now he is just blah. So I call the vet, the girls are busy, so I leave my name and number and describe the problem. Meantime, Paulie takes him outside to try to get him to do his #2. He comes back and says...not good watery stool. The vet's office phones and I tell her what is going on and she says bring him in NOW. I am scared to death thinking it's parvo...which although is treatable, usually means the death sentence for such a little guy like Mack. We get to the vet and they take not one, but three stool samples. They stick this little stick up his little bum and OH, I wanted to cry when he just whimpered. He was very weak...he blood sugars had most likely dropped and perhaps he was dehydrated. Doc tells us, no parvo, thank goodness, but he gives him some antibiotics in a shot and something to help him stop vomiting in another. He has more antibiotics for a week...It was really very scary. OH, and I forgot...when Paulie was bringing him in to the rig from that last walk, he squirmed right outta Paul's arms and fell about 5 feet to the ground!! OMG! That poor baby just cried and cried. Of course, Paulie felt terrible and all this on top of the little guy being so sick.

Just like having a kid all over again.

One crisis averted. I am so happy he is OK. We have only had him one week and already the little stinker is giving us heartache!!!!

Back to work tomorrow, early shift...only 4 hours, so I should be OK. Paulie and I will take one last trip over to Treasure Lakes to talk to the concession manager. Then we need to decide if we are gonna workamp (if he is...) or we are just going to find a place to hide out for a couple of months and do some sightseeing...swimming in the pool and maybe Paulie can do some fishing. Works for me!


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Again I have let the days slip by without posting. I was doing so well, too!

We have been a bit busy with the new puppy. Mack is really developing a personality. He loves the new 3 month old poodle, Sassy that Linda and Al just got. She outweighs him by a pound or so, but he doesn't let his small size deter him from getting in his own "licks". They wrestle pretty strenuously and he has even figured out she's a female and did the obligatory "motion", if you catch my drift. She rolled on her back in submission too. These babies are 3 months and only 6 weeks! Instinct is pretty strong I guess. He is slowly learning not to be so afraid all the time. He still startles at everything though. Miss Snickers is being quite the drama queen. She slapped the lil' guy for nothing the other day. Now Mack is terrified every time he sees her, he cowers away from her. If he is eating all she has to do is sit near him and he totally freaks. Poor baby...not afraid of the other dogs, terrified of Snicker, and let me just say, she knows that she if torturing the poor thing. She is like most kitties, utterly evil deep down and just likes to be superior, LOL!

We went to visit Acorn Acres, another campground here to check out the monthly rates...cheaper than a month at the SKP park by almost 100 dollars and electric is included. That is really significant I think. The workamper positions are for husband/wife teams and each person works 18 hours. We are both "paid" $7 and hour, but then they take out the cost of the site, which is $350 per month. The balance is paid in cash I believe. The manager said that all the earnings could go on either SS# if one of us was disabled. Hmmm, lots of hours for I am not sure if I can work 18 hours, or 6 hours a day three times a week. I have a hard time working the four hour shift sometimes! My back is still giving me problems from the compression fracture and of course my fibro is centered in my whole back, neck and shoulders. Sometimes I have to come home from sitting in the chair at the office for three or four hours and have to immediately take pain pills and lay on the heating pad. Nothing helps and by the time I go to bed and take my skelasken I am again in agony. OK enough sad sack stuff.

We are going over to Treasure Lakes soon so Paulie can meet the lady at the concessions. I am not sure if I am going to work or not. I need to have a chair, but could do like the register I guess. We'll see after we talk to the gal. Will post as soon as we know something. Had a video call with Zack last night. I ordered the Microsoft V5000 from Amazon as they had the best price. Zack has a new Mac notebook, and his video cam is built in. So, I finally got the video stuff downloaded, joined that stupid AOL instant messenger and we actually we talked for about 20 minutes. I held up Mack so he could see him. It was a weird sensation knowing we were on the Internet, seeing each other and talking. I would love to give these cameras to Kathy, Jan, Mom and Grandpa so we could video call all the time...three of the four just wouldn't be able to operate the thing though...Kathy being the only one who could connect! No new pictures to upload today...I missed every Kodak moment yesterday and this morning. I will get a video of Mack following along for his walk. He is just so adorable, he runs, falls down, tumbles over and starts up again.

Well, gotta make some breakfast and then we are out to Treasure Lakes, we both have to work at two. hugs dennise

Saturday, July 12, 2008

I had a early shift today...ugh.

I am not truly comfortable arising in the middle of the night at 6:30 am to shower, get dressed and all the other stuff I can find to do in the early morning light, yanno. It is not in my chemical makeup to get up so darned early. It was harder this morning for some reason.

I apologize for the delay in photos of Mack, but circumstances beyond this poor gal's control...well somewhat beyond my control. We had a vet appointment...needed puppy supplies, have a Chicago dog over at Mickey's Chicago Dogs...stop at the fruit and veggie stand...yanno, important things!

Mack's first day and night was a series of sleeping, waking up in fright, and being startled by each and every noise. Maybe the little guy was only used to the sound of TV cartoons, what was on the TV when we arrived to pick him up on Thursday...I am NOT making this up! He sipped some water, but would not eat much. Paul crated him and put the crate on the dresser. When Mack would whine, Paul would stick a finger in the grate and try to comfort him. I guess he sorta nodded off and was promptly awakened by sharp little needle teeth trying to ch w off his finger. Foolish man. I got up with Mack about 6 and he did his biz on the puppy papers. He did really well on his first day, each time he awoke from his naps, I would put him on the paper. He complied each time! First stage of potty training begun!

Here is a picture of one of the many nappies Mack took....

After we got Mack on Thursday, Linda and Alan, fellow workampers, got another baby to join 5 year old toy poodle. No name as of yet but she is an light apricot, about three months old. She won't get much bigger than her current 3.5 lbs according to the what the breeder told Linda.

Here is a video of Mack and little new itsey bitsey poodle this morning....

They are so cute together. Just after I turned off the camera, Mack got around her and started doing the you know what puppies are apt to was embarrassing, he is only 6 weeks old! Can you believe he knew she was a female and that's what a guy is supposed to do? At 6 months, snip snip!

Here is another video of just Mack

And finally a picture of Mack and his little girlfriend...

Ah, the joy of watching a puppy personality emerge is truly fun. More later, folks.



Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mack attack...Puppy is home
Just a quick update and some not-so-good-pictures.
We have started calling him Mack...his full name is Machk which is Native American for "bear".

He doesn't look or act like a Bear...he is so adorable, but Mack fits him. He is startled by some noises...and others he sleeps right through.

I know he looks young, but is now 6 weeks old. As I think I mentioned in another post, the gal we brought him from did not get the puppies any shots, or have them start being wormed. When I called the vet, she asked how old he was and didn't remark on his age. He is so small yet, he doesn't even know when he piddles! I promise more pictures tomorrow and also a short was kinda hectic and scary for him.



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Gosh, here it is Tuesday...time is just flying by!

Good news! Puppy is eating canned doggie food and drinking from a at 6 weeks, we can get him! I had emailed the gal and she said it was OK, as I had written that I wanted to get him to the vet ASAP. So Thursday morning we head to Rockaway Beach to pick up the little munchkin. Still no name...lots of suggestions...but, until we get home and have him around for a while, I am not gonna make a decision. I will post new pictures on Thursday.

I just had to go down to the office to turn off the alarm. Paul went down to get something that needs to be at the guard shack and wrote the alarm access code number down wrong. He also blamed me for giving him the wrong number and swears I "looked" at it...(I was typing on the 'puter how could I do that????) but once again, his dyslexia is the culprit and the number was wrong. Of course, I am the problem according to the Prince of's NEVER his fault...he always has an excuse to blame me for everything....This is as close to slapping him as I have gotten in a loooonnnnng time. Enough about potential domestic violence...I have my phone ready to call 911...kidding of course!

Kinda how I am feeling towards him right now....

I had to work to almost 6 today, office usually is closed up at 5. We had a guest who had her confirmation letter from Lynn, with the number etc...and I didn't have a card, there was nothing in either the phone log OR the reservation book. I had her fill out the card, and told them to come back in the a.m. I told Lynn about it when I transferred the phone at 5 and she was really surprised. OK, so am I. I'll let Buckie deal with it in the morning...she is the owners Mom, so she can handle anything...86 years old or not! Hehehehe! I also had to switch sites as they choose site 13 which was reserved for Thurs with a full weeks stay. I moved the Thursday arrival to another "close to the facilities" spot suitable for a van. No problem! Good thing we pencil in reservations in the registration book!

I am off til Saturday morning...the Prince of Darkness has to work two hours tomorrow. I am playing my violins of course. I will prolly go shopping so I won't have to clean the rig by myself again....we can share the cleaning when he gets off and I get home.

Well, except for us being on the outs (and what else is new?) not much going on here. I am really looking forward to Thursday. Can't wait to get my little guy home. I may soon be regretting this, but I am sure excited right now!


Sunday, July 06, 2008

Wow! Talk about time flying when you are having fun!!!

We have been very very busy at the campground over the holiday. First time all filled up this season. Weather has been spotty...rain til noon and then sunshine the rest of the day. It is like a sauna out there...even your teeth sweat!!!

We didn't do much except sit out under the shade of the awning hoping for a slight breeze. We made a couple of nice dinners over the last couple of days...I am trying to low-carb some pounds off (darn beer!).

Today is just a lazy day. Of course, the rain and barometer affect me a bit, and now I am just trying to make it through a fibro flare. So tired of feeling bad. But the good news is that I never missed my turn in the office...may have struggled thru a few times, but I have made it each time.

I sent an email to the puppy's owner (is that what you would call her, I already paid for him, lol!) to see if he could come home at 6 weeks instead of 8...I need to get him to the vet asap, as this gal isn't providing any shots, etc. I don't want to get him home and have him get would break my heart...

Well. Not much happening here, we have to work Mon and Tuesday afternoons, which is the shift I hate the most...don't know why, it's just three hours of sitting but it seems to be really busy in the afternoons. Oh well.

Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!



Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Its already Tuesday and I haven't posted in a couple of days. We have been very busy at the campground, the Holiday weekend has every spot filled...except the three we never ever fill because they are too small for even pop-ups. We may have to use them yet!

We went to Treasure Lake RV Resort to interview with the workamper boss there today. We did some browsing at the Factory outlet mall before our interview and I picked up some half off Capri's and a new T shirt. This is the second T this week...both for $5 and really nice quality...can't beat that price. Heck I keep this up and I will have to give something away as we won't have any space for more clothes...nah, I can always find a hiding spot for a T-shirt! We met the workamper boss and talked to her for about 1/2 hour. They are desperate for help and we can pretty much decide where we want to work. 24 hours per couple gets a full hookup in an older section of the resort. They have a beautiful pool, nice clubhouse and game room. I think I will sign up for activities...I can sit on a stool and hand out golf clubs and pool sticks! Paul thinks he wants concessions...wants to stay inside and be cool for the hot August and September months. We shall see. We need to complete the applications.

I have been looking all over the net for puppy accessories...need a crate, and a carrier, and I even found a neat little sweater to knit. I don't know his measurements but I guess I can guesstimate based on his I know how much he will weigh in 4 weeks...a pound or two, maybe?

Well, not much else going on is hot and muggy here. Typical Missouri summer. Chiggers, ticks, mosquitoes and black flies. Ick. They flock to me to suck my life's blood...ever deet products don't keep 'em away. Looking for suggestions if you have any!