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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Mack Attack takes a tumble....

I awoke this morning and Mack was eating something off my pillow. He had been outside and had a bite to eat before we went back to bed around 5 a.m. I know, I said he would be crate trained, but I know that eventually he will be in bed with us, so I caved. Such a toughie I am.
Anyways, he had barfed and was cleaning up after himself. Ick. So I got up and cleaned up the little area...the food was pretty much undigested and still in the kibble form. His vomiting continued throughout the day, and he never did make #2, except a bit of nasty runny stuff. Of course, I start to worry. He is very sleepy and has slept a lot of the day away...just like his mom. He was just fine this morning after our walk in the dawn, but now he is just blah. So I call the vet, the girls are busy, so I leave my name and number and describe the problem. Meantime, Paulie takes him outside to try to get him to do his #2. He comes back and says...not good watery stool. The vet's office phones and I tell her what is going on and she says bring him in NOW. I am scared to death thinking it's parvo...which although is treatable, usually means the death sentence for such a little guy like Mack. We get to the vet and they take not one, but three stool samples. They stick this little stick up his little bum and OH, I wanted to cry when he just whimpered. He was very weak...he blood sugars had most likely dropped and perhaps he was dehydrated. Doc tells us, no parvo, thank goodness, but he gives him some antibiotics in a shot and something to help him stop vomiting in another. He has more antibiotics for a week...It was really very scary. OH, and I forgot...when Paulie was bringing him in to the rig from that last walk, he squirmed right outta Paul's arms and fell about 5 feet to the ground!! OMG! That poor baby just cried and cried. Of course, Paulie felt terrible and all this on top of the little guy being so sick.

Just like having a kid all over again.

One crisis averted. I am so happy he is OK. We have only had him one week and already the little stinker is giving us heartache!!!!

Back to work tomorrow, early shift...only 4 hours, so I should be OK. Paulie and I will take one last trip over to Treasure Lakes to talk to the concession manager. Then we need to decide if we are gonna workamp (if he is...) or we are just going to find a place to hide out for a couple of months and do some sightseeing...swimming in the pool and maybe Paulie can do some fishing. Works for me!


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