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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Whew...I finally found a place to get on the computer....for a price that is! My laptop is still out there circling Jupiter via BestBuy. Nobody in town has laptops for rent or even some cheapie used one I can use til the other one gets fixed. Grrrr.

We have been busy since I last posted on Thursday...on Friday I cleaned the rig while the Prince was working his two measly hours. Then I made the apple dumpling recipe I found on line using a can of crescent rolls and sliced granny smith's. Very easy. I am going to make another batch just for me since I didn't get to taste them at the potluck. We had been invited to the potluck for the RV Dreams Rally. So I will do a step by step and the recipe for ya'll (Ozark speak there with a twist of Texas...) We arrived at the potluck and had a great time. The food was excellent and then we did Karoke. Of course I had to participate. Prince took pictures and videos that I can upload when the 'puter is back.

Saturday we both had to work in the a.m. and then I had to do bathrooms, my favorite part of the week. This time, just like last time Paul was too busy up front to help me. Ick, I hate doing them myself. We then went back to ABC for the entrainment, an Ozark Hillbilly quintet that did music, jokes and such. They also had a Hillbilly contest with folks from the rally all dressed up. Of course the guy dressed as the gal won...typical.

Sunday, we had to work again, in the afternoon. We had late laundry "do'ers" so we had to keep the laundry room open. We had steak and salad for dinner watching the US open. We were supposed to go to a wine tasting party with the other camphosts, but because I am a nice person and let the folks do laundry, I couldn't leave. Sigh.

Monday Paulie had to work and then we went to the new WalMart. What is wrong with Walmart these days...they are reworking the store and you can't find anything...the availability of stuff is way down and nothing in an aisle is remotely related to the previous aisle. They are turning me off...limiting types of goods for sale is stupid marketing...they didn't even have a bread pan! Oh well, I have the outlets here. Better prices anyway.

So, I will try to get back here in a day or so to update...cannot promise anything at this time tho. Gosh, I miss that darn laptop....convinces me that we do need another for Paulie to use and use as a backup if mine goes stupid again.