The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sometimes, I just want to slap the crap outta The Polish Prince. Yesterday, it took all I could muster not to turn towards him while driving and just bitch-slap him. I needed to go to the dollar store just down the road for a new container for my cherry tomato plant. He insisted on going, and then followed me around complaining about how long it was taking. Jeesh. Finally he went to sit in the car. Why did he insist on accompanying me if all he was gonna do was bitch? I find what I am looking for, checked out some stuff, and check out. When I get to the car, he is talking to a gentlemen about SSI, which neither he nor I have any knowledge about. After what seemed like an hour, I told him we needed to go. As we are pulling out of the parking lot, he asked me if I wanted to go to Wal-Mart and see if I could find round labels for my new spice jars. I thought he would go to the Wal-Mart in Seffner, down the road about 5 miles. He insisted on going on route 301 which meets I4 which then you can exit on the Camping world exit and go to MLK drive where the store is located in SEFFNER. I told him to just catch the county road just behind our campground and we’d be there in 5 minutes. We have used that road to GO to Camping World for heaven’s sakes, and we are there like I said, in 5 minutes. No, not our direction challenged Princy. He stays on 301 and tells me to put in Wal-Mart into the GPS. OK, I comply even tho I am starting to get a little steamed. We get to I4 and follow the GPS directions then all of a sudden the Prince decides to pretend he is Hernado DeSoto and disregards the GPS. Putz. From this point it is all downhill. He is lost, he knows it and the sob is too stubborn to admit it. For the next hour we are getting a tour of a part of Tampa I have no idea even existed. He keeps making turns and more turns and then and behold we are at Busch Gardens. At this point, I cannot even LOOK at him I am so pissed. After being lost for an hour, he inputs into to the OLD GPS that hasn’t been updated since we got in 5 years ago. He continues driving and we find a Wal-Mart. A new, non-super Wal-Mart mind you. We get out of the car and I leave him in my dust. This damm Wal-Mart is so different from any other Wal-Mart I have been to I can’t find anything I supposedly needed. I find nothing. A real bust. We get back into the car and silently drive back to the rig. A ruined afternoon, waste of gas, anger and frustration not to mention the threat of potential violence(on MY part, not The Prince’s) all because DeSoto ‘s evil spirit entered the weak soul of the Prince and he was looking for the fountain of youth or the Lost City of Gold or some such nonsense.

Just another day in the life of adventure. Even adventures that piss me off.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Well, it has been a while again, hasn't it?  OK, so you’re right. I am a lazy ol’ blogger. What do you expect? I am a creative loafer. I am retired. I try not to schedule, stick to guidelines, do things from habit or anything remotely linked to our former working lives. ‘Nough said .

Well, we are still in Florida. Who would have thought that? We did get a fantastic deal at this RV park…$199 for the month plus electric. We have really enjoyed our stay here. It is a nice quiet park…lots of working people. Many of the trailers are single wides, some nicely kept, some not so much. The atmosphere is very “old Florida” with lots of oak trees with moss hanging down. The units are quite old also, which would turn off a lot of RV’ers. The spots are varied in size…some incredibly small, others large, like the one we occupy.

We are breaking “camp” here on Sunday morning, May 2 and actually are going south for a 5 night stay at one of the most beautiful county parks in Florida, Ft. De Soto. Located on the water, and almost impossible to get, we snagged a waterfront site. We will be heading north when our stay there is over. We will be headed to Atlanta to visit Paul’s cousin Gene. We will be parking in the driveway of their lake home on the shores of Lake Lanier. After that we will continue up to Central Illinois to see Zack, my mom and maybe get a chance to attend the first Cenois FMCA rally. We are hoping to get to South Dakota to get some business done. We have registered and paid for the Escapee’s Rally in Elkhart the second week of September and then want to head west. The Prince says we will hit bad weather, read SNOW and we can’t do it. Pffft!

The Polish Prince bought some cheap hair clippers and proceeded to scalp both of my babies. Oh well, it’ll grow back…will be OK for hotter weather.

Gene seems to be doing fine, and since the weather has warmed up in The Valley, he is using the pool and hot tub. Of course he wouldn’t be Gene if he didn’t complain even about this…the hot tub is not hot enough, and the sail type cover over the pool is not to his liking…he has to “chase” the sun. I wonder if he will say the same once the temps hit 100 soon.