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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tuesday January 9, 2007

Ok, ok, everybody wants DETAILS!

The home grandpa purchased is located in Siesta Village in Westlaco Texas. The park is for 55+ and is only manufactured homes, there are no RV's allowed. It is a beautifully kept park that has a pool and spa area, exercise room, billiards room, shuffleboard league and even a men's only club that serves drafts two for a buck while the menfolk play poker. There is a ballroom and they have breakfasts, potluck dinners and even soup and sandwich lunches. It is a very active community. It is in the southern part of Weslaco, approximately 3 or 4 miles from the boarder. There is a nice golf course that backs up to the park and the residents golf alot. Everyone seems to have a golf cart and each homeowner keeps their properties in pristine condition. Some of the landscaping is truly beautiful ...cactus and palm trees...many lots have stone/rock on the ground to eliminate having to mow what passes for grass hereabouts. We really like the front porch and think that we will have it screened in later this year. We will close on March 20th, so we will stay here until we have everything in order. Grandpa is going to go home and get his personal stuff and clothes. The only furniture he will take is the grandfather's clock , the rolltop desk and of course his TV. Paul and I will spend the spring months getting the house ready for sale and listed...I need to really downsize and declutter. I see lots of garage sales and "escape" sales in our future. No matter...we had been thinking about this for over a year now. The warm weather here in the RGV is appealing. However, if one plans to live in this area, they have to appreciate the Mexican culture. I say that seriously...all of the Hispanic people we have been in contact with have been friendly, and courteous. The economy here is heavily invested in "winter Texans" and they make a lot of effort to be cordial, helpful and accomodating. I had my hair cut today and the stylist was a beautiful young girl; she was just tickled that I had been referred to her from another customer I had met and admired her hair.

Well, that's all I can think of right now...I will post more later...