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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Happy Birthday to Paulie....Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

Today is our birthday as if you all didn't know with all the hints I've been dropping, LOL!
What's the old song...another year older and deeper in debt....yep, that's us!

We left grandpa and Weslaco at 9 a.m. He finally admitted he was gonna miss us (well, maybe Paul, certainly not moi and my liberal rantings that occasionally erupt when Dubya shows up on the boob tube....OK I won't go there for the sake of my more conservative friends and loved ones...I need all the friends I can save yanno?) We have a new GPS so it was an interesting trip. Mapquest had told us to go EAST on 83 to 77 and then catch 37 to San Antonio. The GPS took us WEST on 83 then north thru Edinburg on 281 to T92 then to T16 and then back onto 281 which once you reach the city is called Roosevelt...which is where the RV park Traveler's World is. I think that's how we got here...we took Texas state roads(black not red on the map) and made great time....5 hours and we stopped for lunch for a half hour. That's my story and I am stickin' to it....

Once we got settled into our spot and got the Asylum set up, I had to take a nap while Paulie went and purchased some tickets for an all day tour tomorrow. We will get picked up about 8:30 by bus and visit the Missions, the Alamo, Riverwalk and see the movie at the IMax. Great price of only $42 with the campground includes all entrance fees and the boat ride on the River.

We both actually took a nap...I woke up late about 6 p.m. and Paulie was asleep on the futon. We both changed clothes and took off to see the Riverwalk and get some Birthday dinner. We parked and found our way quite easily. The campground advertises itself as the closest to the attractions and it really is a quick 10 minutes to the Riverwalk area. We walked a while and then crossed over and headed back to find a place to eat. The place was hopping...lots of folks dining along the river and tons of folks just walking the route. We decided on Michelinas Italian and sat right at the water's edge. Our waiter had a spiky hair cut and it was burgundy on the tips...and this guy was an older fella. We ordered the house margaritas for starters, a Caesar's salad and veal parmigiana with fettuccine. We also stuffed our faces with the homemade bread and the tasty olive oil dipping stuff with herbs in it. Oh. My. Goodness. Heavenly. For once we agreed on what to eat and split the dinner which is the best thing for us to do anyways. It was wonderfully delicious...more than enough for the both of us. Our waiter then surprised us with a huge piece of chocolate cake that we only ate a few bites of. We had a very nice time and the strolling mariachi guys serenaded with Happy Birthday in both Spanish and English. After dinner we strolled back to the entrance (good thing we both remembered where we came down from) and back to the car.

I will try to upload some pictures....not having any success with this pay per use wifi called Tangonet. It stinks, and I am paying for the darn thing...

I'll keep trying...I have 24 hours of useage.