The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, October 13, 2008

OK, I hear all of I am. Sorry. I have not been the most sociable or nicest person to be around lately. Guess I am still pouting about having to go back to Texas. Call me spoiled, insensitive, or just a bitch, but I didn't want to LIVE in TEXAS the rest of my life! I prefer just to spend a couple of January and February max...Being in the Rio Grande Valley from April to Nov is like being in MEXICO...English is the second language. Oh well, I will quit my complaining.(

Not much happening around here. I am taking a cake decorating class at the Mcallen Michael's. Boy, is this one expensive little hobby! I have always enjoyed doing the gingerbread houses, and have tried once or twice to decorate a birthday cake...not terrible but certainly not inspired by any stretch. I just purchased supplies...we do our first cake on Thursday...and I am over $100! Of course, I did have all kinds of decorating supplies in Rochester...where they wound up, I can't say...somebody prolly paid Paul a buck for all of it...he was quit the flim flam man when it came to MY stuff.

Zack is doing fine...complaining about all the homework he has to grade. That'll teach him to give journal assignments every week(like 80 journals to read and comment on....!) and those quick little 25 essay question "POP" quizzes! is really amusing to find that he really does have to work to keep up....too funny.

Well, nothing else to talk about. I am making a special treat for Zack's birthday that I plan to FedEX next week. I will post pictures soon. Mac is recovering from a bad landing after jumping down from grandpa's lap on Saturday...stupid dog thinks he can fly...or is underdog. He hurt his right back leg and gimps around on three paws...he still can fly around the house with amazing speed for only three legs the stinker. He was caught red handed pulling out a whole room sized runner/thread of know how Berber pulls....he is always on the lookout for a piece of tuft to be sticking up. So far I have kept ahead of him with the scissors, nipping the threads before he finds them. Guess I missed one.