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The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday...oh my, how time does fly.
Let's catch up on what's been happening, but believe me, it's not too exciting, except for this morning that is.

We arrived at Galesburg East Travel Park about 2 pm. The park was pretty empty, most folks pulling out before the 2:30 check out time. This is a really nice park, has a sparkling clean pool, a nice little fishing lake and lots of trees. We asked for a spot where we could get satellite reception. No way...these owners are so anal retentive it is unbelievable. Oh well, we can watch local tv for a week, it won't kill us. It is quite warm, somewhere in the mid nineties. We set up the rig, and get things settled. I take my usual siesta for about an hour. Since there is not much on the old tube, and it is hot and muggy, it is impossible to sit outside so we decide to go to the movies. We track down the local Kerasotes theater, and go see The Bourne Ultimatum. Altho I had to cover my eyes for a lot of the movie due to the rapid fight movements and chases, it was an excellent movie. Back at the rig we watched local news and hit the sack.

Monday morning...we sleep in...Paulie didn't get up to like 9:30 which is very unusual for him. We had a nice breakfast of raisin toast and juice. We decided to go to the pool for a while. We finally made it out there around 12:30...and were totally alone in the pool. Finally our neighbor from across the road joined us and we talked for awhile. He went back to his rig and picked up his wife so she could do her exercises in the water...she has MS poor woman. Nice couple, military retired now living in Nevada. They are looking for something else as she doesn't care for the heat. Her widowed sister travels with them and helps with her care.

After two hours, I decided I'd had enough sun and was turning into one large age spot so I headed back to the rig and Paulie went to shower. I showered back at the rig. No way am I NOT gonna use my own shower...ick ick ick...shower houses are OK if I MUST use them but I don't care if we have NO hookups, I still shower in MY rig. Why did I buy a rig with a nice shower, right?

When Paul got back we split a meatball sandwich and then he went off outside and I took my siesta. We just stayed in for the evening but made ourselves the most wonderful chef's salad for dinner. We added dried cranberries and pecans with Emeril's balsamic vinegar dressing. Delish with all the cheeses and meats in there, fresh farm tomatoes etc. Roadside veggie stands abound this time of year. We will be making that salad again!

On Tuesday, we decided to go explore Galesburg since we haven't been here for awhile. I wanted to go to WalMart for some Brita filters which we had forgotten on our last trip. I also wanted to stop at Walgreen's...they had a small expresso maker with a steamer attachment on sale for $14.99.
I have to stop paying $4 for a Breve'. I still adore mochas, but my ass is starting to get a bit too big so I gotta cut somewhere yanno? We also purchased a single hotplate way is Paulie gonna cook boiled shrimp in this motorhome again. We drove around for a while then decided we needed to eat. I wanted to go to the historic area but nooooo, Paulie had a taste for fried chicken. No problem...we headed out to Knoxville on Route 150 and went to a small cafe we used to frequent. I had my face all fixed for splitting a piece of their homemade pies, for which they are famous. We found out upon sitting down, that there were new owners and NO MORE PIE. Crap. We split a chicken dinner and had a great time talking to the folks working was about 3 and the place was empty and they were getting ready setting up the dinner buffet. We must have stayed an hour and a half. Finally we headed back to the rig. Paulie had this great idea that we could pull the rig up and pickup the satellite signal. I moved the rig slowly forward being directed by The Prince. Afterwards, he started to play around with the receiver and I went into the bedroom to read. Of course, I fell asleep. When I got up, "we" decided we still couldn't get the signal, and moved the rig back. Can you say....never mind.


I wake up this morning and Paulie is gone. I figure he's out riding his new bike. As I start to make my morning protein, in comes Paulie...he had been fishing at the little catch and throwback pond. He comes in and says look what I hooked...a big one! He had hooked his leg. Jessh, freak me out. He said that he just couldn't get it out so I say, well duh, ya think ya need to go to Urgent Care....a tetanus shot is in order. He says yah, take a picture and I'll go. Pix are at the bottom. So, I am sitting here waiting for him to get back, watching that stupid Price is Right. I did try out my espresso maker but didn't turn it off in time and all the water went to making the espresso which is weak...I have to watch when it hits the 2 oz mark and turn it off, leaving enough water to steam the milk. I am drinking it anyways...why waste imported from Italy espresso coffee? Practice makes perfect as mom used to say!