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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, June 12, 2008


It's about 7 a.m. and I am getting ready to head down to the office. We don't open 'til 8, so I have some time to get the old body moving, which it really resists in the morning. I also like to read my email and have some breakfast.

After work today, we are heading into Springfield, MO to meet with the American Legion Veterans Advocate. We have received notification that more information is required for the VA to begin processing Paul's claim. We can trust this guy as he is the advocate for the state of MO and has helped thousands with their claims, especially Viet Nam Vets.

While in Springfield, I need to go to Best Buy and argue with the Geeks there. My DVD drive just refuses to work. I had taken it in and sent it off to Gateway several times and the darn thing still refused to appear on My Computer...Now it won't even open up....and it won't recognize anything I put in the drive. Another headache...but this time, I won't have a backup to use if they send it off. I guess I will just go no mail until I get it back...and won't be able to update my blog at all for however long it takes...*Sigh*'s always something...

So, I may not be posting for awhile, or then again, perhaps they can put in a new DVD within a day or two, maybe even today! My computer is still under know that Best Buy ad campaign for the extended warranty? Something like, "I want a NEW one!"...yeah right, been there, done that too. Although to their credit, when they couldn't fix my Digital Camera, they did give me a credit and I used that to purchase my video camera...which I don't use as much as I would like. Heck, I always forget the camera too, so pictures are spotty at best, LOL! It would be really great to get a new laptop...this one has had some hard knocks as it travels along with us! The lid is cracked, the silver top looks like a tiger used it as a scratching post, and I can't get the screen clean no matter what I use, including special wipes I paid a small fortune for.

Well, hopefully, we will only be off line for a short time. I will post as soon as I get my unit back.