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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday….weekend oncoming

I wasn’t able to post after our return from Mexico yesterday. We had a great time. I bought an embroidered dress in an awesome yet obnoxious bright blue…truly a Mexican inspiration of sorts. I also purchased a puka shell necklace which I have wanted for such a long time. We also saw some adorable Chihuahuas for sale for $200. Grandpa fell in love and wanted to buy all three of ‘em. I told him that Pepe didn’t take kindly to other dogs and the size of the puppy would make Snickers to think it was a mouse and eat it. Plus, there are rules at the park…one pet per household. We are stretching it by keeping Snickers.

After doing some more browsing, I bought those colorful dollar shopping bags. We were also going to get liquor but on the way out so we didn’t have to lug it everywhere. I did want to look at some of the colorful pottery, but I guess that will wait until we come back in November.

Guess what…soon we found ourselves at the Rose Garden! The alley turned cocktail “lounge”. We couldn’t resist. Paulie and I got strawberry margaritas and grandpa a Sol beer. Second round, we got the Sol’s and grandpa had a regular margarita. Such a fun place full of winter Texans enjoying Mexican beer and really cheap strong margaritas.

We continued on after the stop for drinks and kept heading on towards the boarder shops to get our list of booze. We ran into some neighbors who invited us to join them for drinks at the Alamo. We found the place; it was on the fourth floor of the place we buy our $3 tequila. After two for one margaritas we decide to get something to eat. I have the Alamo’s special lunch whitefish grilled in garlic butter….and corn soup…ever had that? Ick. Looked like the stuff from the exorcist…I KNOW corn is yellow NOT green.
Grandpa and Paulie spilt a plate of tamales. Not the tamales we have at home these were great looking beef stuffed things in corn husks. After our late lunch we parted with the neighbors we were off to cross back with our purchases. Grandpa had poured his last margarita in a foam cup and as we walked towards the crossing he was dancing behind us. I was on my scooter thank goodness. All I do when I have a few drinks is go faster…

The line to cross back into the US was going slowly so we had a lot of fun talking with others and watching grandpa polka with his cup of margarita.

Finally across Paul takes grandpa to the car and then he and I go across the street to check out the two for one banana splits. Not much ice cream but at least the bananas were good!

On our way home, we decided to stop at the Llano Grande Golf club to see if Uncle Ben and Bev were there. Nope. So off we head for home. Paulie and I sat outside having a beer. Uncle Ben walked over and joined us. Grandpa had gone into the house to see Pepe. I found him walking on all fours to the bathroom. He eventually joined us outside, but decline to have more to drink thank God.

About seven the wind picked up and it got chilly. Paul took Ben home in the golf cart and grandpa went to watch TV. I read for a while and then finally fell asleep around 11. I never did hear Paulie come to bed.

Today has been quiet. Overcast and spitting a bit of rain. Of course, this brings out the absolute best in me….headache, ears, nausea and all the other Meniere’s goodies. Leftovers for dinner again. Sigh.

Going to the Mexican market for fruit and veggies tomorrow. We are having a shrimp fest at our place on Sunday. Ben, Bev, Dorothy and the three of us and perhaps Leon and his wife from across the street. We will make fried shrimp, boiled shrimp and shrimp dejohne….coleslaw and baked beans. Trying to think what to make for dessert. Something light but good. I was thinking Milnot cake…or pound cake. Hmmmm….