The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Sometimes I hate this damm blogger. Earlier today I wrote a nice informative post for everyone to read...then I kept getting scripting error pop ups. Nice. Blogger informs me that it now automatically saves what I am writing into drafts. They lie. I am not gonna repeat all the terrible names I called this blogger. Just makes me want my own web page again.

Anyways...I will give a quick synopsis of what I wrote earlier...

All tubs (like 25) made their way to the auction.
Paul sold more stuff to Minak (the gal who bought our house) including my bike and the tea cart.

(FYI...I am now getting a message every 60 seconds that my writing is being saved by blogger....pffft! I say!!)

I aggravated my fibro lifting boxes and packing yesterday and I am paying the price today.

It is freakin' HOT in this rig without air...we can't run even ONE AC due to the electric situation. Makes me think I will convince the polish prince to move us to Riverside park BEFORE the 12th...or even Sanchris Lake (that might be too expensive....who says state parks are economical?)

Well, I am also brain dead so I can't remember anything else I wrote earlier. I wanted to go to the Stitch and B*tch at Barnes and Noble tonight but I am on the fence. I do have a ton of books and mags on knitting to get rid of...maybe someone there will be interested. I am not working on anything at all, but I do have my trusty D*mm sweater in the bag next to my chair. Too hard to do that while talking but I want to look at it a lot and feel guilty. Now ask me how that is working, LOL!

Hugs to all...