The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
Our home on wheels

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Here are some recent updates to the Aluminum Assylum:

We added some storage by taking out the hard to move island storage (which had replaced the paltry dining table and rickety chairs.

There is a lot of storage under the benches which are actually higher...about 27" tall.  Considered "counter height" seating. I keep my daily use appliances in here on the right side and store my hand held Orek vac in a backet and lesser used stuff on the left. While traveling, the pillows get stored in the right side also.

This is the setup I usually use while cooking.  The island is a foldable, portable one with  lot of storage.  I use baskets so when breaking camp it is easy to just grab the baskets, put them on the bed, and go.  I have one for dishtowels which saves drawer space.  I have a bread/snack/cookie basket, a veggie/fruit basket and a puppy supplies basket.  All easy to just place on the bed while traveling as they don't slide around on the bed..  Behind the island you can see my other can't be without folding shelving.  I bought this a number of years ago at El Boutique Target.  This also holds various baskets, the two Mexican  pots that I store my kitchen utensils (yes, two...I like kitchen gadgets ok?) I also store my toaster and my huge canister of protein on it.  It too simply folds up and along with the island and stores in the bedroom while traveling. I have a foldable canvas box where the stuff on the shelving unit goes and it too travels in the bedroom.
When set up for dinner, we just roll the island to the bench area and viola! Dinner is served.

Here is a shot of the kitchen area and the new backsplash I put it. It is really just plastic panels from Lowes, and is cutable with a scissors.  A very cheap way to protect the walls and I think if you didn't know it was plastic, you would think it was metal...which I eventually hope to replace it with sometime in the future.  You may also notice we put in lineolem which I hate as it doesn't cover the slider rollers.  Not too terrible in the living area where the throw carpet covers it, but I hate the other one sticking out like a sore thumb.
Here's another view...

I still have some honey-do's for the Polish sink and new faucet...I get so frustrated with the ones we have side of the sink is normal the other is a tiny useless dinky thing and you can't even fill water in anything with that short faucet.  So far though I like the space I have gained.

Here is a picture of my "lamp table"...a file cabinet topped with a square wood top and a table cloth.  I need a different cover, but overall the double use is good.  I do worry about the weight of the stuff IN the file

cabinet!  One more shot....

Ok more pictures of the puppies coming in a while...