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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lots of news today...are we all sitting down?
First of all we have a new baby on the is his 4 week old picture...

He was born on 5/29/08 and can't come home until July 24! He is a Yorkipoo. Poodle mommy and Yorkie daddy, both weighing in at 5 lbs. So little guy should be in that range. Prince Paulie not happy, but I need some furbaby love! I miss Oskie and Snickers at almost 17 years old is a pretty naggy old gal who sleeps all the time. Looking for names...something that reflects our lifestyle...Rover, Traveler, Willie (after Willie Nelson and his classic song, On the Road Again...leave your suggestions in the comments section, we are coming up short here!

The second bit of good news is I got the job as the RV Editor on Bellaonline web site. I will be doing a weekly column writing articles about the RV lifestyle, and anything about RVing.
I plan to use this position to create my own website which I have talked about before...RV to's, recipes, picture examples...even how to organize the kitchen, best appliances for RVer's etc. I am really excited. As soon as I get the web addy I will post it for all to see...probably after my first two weeks of training...

I am really pumped (or maybe it was the three or four brewskies we had outside, LOL!