The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, May 14, 2007

OK, so I have not been good at updating the blog. I have been going thru some serious emotional ups and downs here. Paul wants to get rid of all MY can he be so callous? OK, so I have two tubs of Halloween tub of Easter decorations and 7 Christmas tubs of stuff. I got rid of at least 10 tubs of holiday stuff already! I have lots of pictues, which I SWEAR that I will go thru when we get back to Weslaco in October. I need TIME to decide what to save and what to get rid of...yanno its hard...Zack appears in 60 gazillions of them and all of them are good! I have three tubs of crafts, and I should remind Paulie...down from an entire ROOM of stuff. It kills me to give this stuff away. Everything I had was a project that I keep in my head and that just needed time to finish. Argh. What is the good of having a whole freaking garage in Weslaco if I can't fill it up with my stuff? I would rather set out Catherine's Hummels than look at a tacky lioness statue from Big lots....I am NOT making this up....I have some beautiful dishes and china pieces...I consented to get rid of all the crystal. Jeez, what is a gal to do! Paul says there must be 59 tubs to be moved. He needs to learn how to count for cripesakes. I have a lot of personal should have seen his face when he saw that I had put my collection of angels on top of the lambrikin shade in the bedroom. WhataPutz. Oh well. There is a completely great shelf on top of that lambrikin and it was perfect for my angels. Heck, I need all the heavenly help I can get. Plus there will be a spot for St. Joseph up there when we dig him up after the closing.

We just got finished with the auction guy. Not encouraging...says that what we have just won't sell except maybe the teacart, my Lenox china and the chair we removed from the MH. Crap. Now what? We can haul it ourselves to the other auction place in Glenarm and see what they will take. The rest of the stuff we'll just haul to the Goodwill. I haven't even gone thru my clothes yet. I am very discouraged. Of course, my junk is NOBODY'S treasure.

The kitchen counters, stove and sink have been installed. Looks great. I am jealous. My kitchen in Weslaco needs year. ...maybe next year....

Well, Paulie and I have another couple of days work here now that we know what we have is crap that nobody wants. I have a bunch of stuff for the ebay guy...but I have to list it all individually or in "lots" ....this will take me the rest of the day at least.

Well, we have pulled in the slides and are headed over to the lake to dump the holding tanks. No use tempting fate...the black tank says full...just what we need, an overflow of nasty black waste
like poopoos overflowing. That would be the freaking end.

I'll try to post more updates in a more timely manner...don't think of this as a promise...I seen to be breaking them right and left.

OH...Zack made the Dean's list again...he surely is is mother's son...bullsh*ting his way thru college. Well, he's gotta have some brains...just wish he'd get a grip on his sloppiness issues. I pity the poor girl he marries...that reflects on the mother yanno?