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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, July 25, 2008

Sorry about not getting my new video up...I have been unable to use the park wifi for some unknown reason. Everyone else can, but me, the closest to the repeater, continually gets "local access only" (should read local and internet access) or a one bar signal which is truly useless.

I am trying again today...

welllll...again I am getting errors, grrrr, sorry! Foiled....again....!

I have been working hard at my new Editor job at Bella. I have to finish the training course by 7/29 I guess. There are numerous courses that I have to complete, each one has a quiz. The last several are very time consuming. Either I a truly a dork, or I just don't get some of the "webmaster" duties I must do. Frustrating to say the least. I did get two articles I must edit to get the link done correctly...after I posted the article I continued to read the last of the editor "must do's" and "must nots" and lo and behold...we are not supposed to do links just yet. Ooopsie.

I have also spent tons of time creating an Amazon shopping site. I can later add this to my site. I will be discussing most of the stuff I am listing. RV books, kitchen appliances I can't live without, and even some camping gear I would like to have if I don't have it already! I would love to be able to get this kinda stuff free to test and do a review of. I just read about a guy in Australia who gets free cars to test and review...there was an estimate that his blog's "worth" is over $5 million. I can just wish can't I?

I just saw the most ridiculous TV commercial by the McCain camp...they talk about high gas prices and how tough the economy is and they then show a picture of Obama and infer that it is his fault. Too funny. Sad thing is, they really believe that! Hmmm. Wonder about their inability to actually tell the truth. Obama caused the rise in oil prices. Yeah, well, OK. 'Nough about campains...I am sick to death of the crap on tv here in MO too...ugly stuff.

We are off today and would like to go see a show. It's called Noah the Musical and it is supposed to be incredible. The stage is u-shaped and there are supposedly real animals along with animatronic's. Then the Prince wants to see Shoshi...I have no need to see him, but I guess I'll tag along. It is very hot and veeerrrry humid here. Just like I remember our last week of July summer vacations in Osage Beach. Somehow being in the pool with the gang from Chicago sipping on some exotic frozen drink made it feel much much cooler! I miss those weeks, although I don't wish having to wait all year while working to get to that last week in July! Retirement is so much more enjoyable. I miss my friends at work but absolutely nothing else.

Well, have another article or 10 to write...gotta get ahead so I can then do some more research to do future articles!



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