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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Quick update...
Due to the Hurricane down home in Texas, we have left the workamping job two weeks early, and will resign the other gig before we even start. Grandpa is not handling this storm well, which is quite understandable. No electricty yet, water just turned back on. Bev called us from the park and was very concerned. His "color" is bad, and he is staggering a bit when he walks. There is no air conditioning and he was caught up on the roof removing debris and tree limbs. Old fart! And to make matters worse, his cell phone somehow got "fried". Now he can't even call us! His brother in law is now in the hospital with heart irregularities for doing similar stuff and the heat. Grrrr.

We will leave Branson this morning, Saturday and it is about 1000 miles or about 16 hours of driving. I hope we don't try to drive straight thru, I am unsure that I can drive at all now. This constant vertigo forbids me to do that.

I will keep in touch as we progress.



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