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The Aluminum Asylum
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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Friday, Elkhart Campground

Well, the heaven's opened up this morning and didn't quit until 4 pm. There were three different "fronts" that came thru just to make my life miserable. You all know what I did most of the day.
Paulie got ready for departure and put away all the outside stuff. The bugs were so bad it was a waste to put it out. Then the guy did the laundry...what else could a gal ask for?

We had purchased some pulled pork at the farmers market and some small buns for the Friday night potluck. I nicely sliced the rolls and put them in a pretty basket, warmed the meat just perfect and off we went. There was no one at the site. Hmmmm. We drove around thinking because of the rain they had moved dinner to an inside place in the campground, but we were unable to find them. Perhaps they didn't want us? We was ditched? Paul called Smokey, one of the hosts and he was really embarrassed...the dinner was cancelled, but they must have left us off the call list. Ooops. Maybe next time WE should call ahead to see if the dinner is still on...I wondered because of all the rain. What dummies we are sometimes geesh. Well, the pork won't go to is delish and the sauce is sweet but has a real kick to it. I love BBQ pork!

We finally did venture out just to take a little ride...we went to Culvers so Dee could feed her ice cream craving and have some more adversity via her lactose intolerance in the gastrointestinal area. Lactaid doesn't work, so you'd think I would stop craving ice cream. Oh yah. That'll happen anytime soon. Paulie is just gonna have to get a gas mask, that's all there is to it.

We both went to bed early as there was nothing on the boob tube. I read for a bit but quickly decided the book was not something I could get into right is called "Mirror Mirror" by the same guy who wrote "Wicked". You have to have your brain ready for his writing and mine was just not capable after the day I had.

Saturday....heading for Goshen

We will be pulling out this morning (as soon as the prince gets up...he can sleep as long as he wants since he did all the work yesterday...). We are going in a day early as we have handicapped parking with water and 30 amp electric. We will have to dump the tanks first but we have a full hookup here so that is not a problem. I will try to post more when we get all settled. I hope to have a signal, but I'm not holding my breath.
If I can't get on line, I will try to get the word out here if I have to go into town and use a free wifi place. Wish me luck in Goshen, IN...I do recall a coffee house had it the last time we were there. Hopefully they are still in biz.



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