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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another quick catch up!


We are expecting Hank and Elizabeth later today...I doubt they want to "do" dinner if they have been driving all day. I know I would just hit the bed and stay there!

Paul went with the Grads group to visit Travel Supreme, however somehow in the car "pool" to get there, he lost the wagon train. Neither he nor the couple he was traveling with remembered the name of the place they were going, nor did they have a clue where the place was! they came back to the campground. Later, we dined out with the group. Paul took a bit of teasing for getting lost, which I think even he had to admit was justified. We went to a local place which is right on the small lake near the campground. Our reservations were supposed to be for the "enclosed porch", instead we were seated on the "sun deck". Right, 90 degree heat and I am gonna sit there. I think not. As soon as a few tables opened up, several couples including us went onto the porch. We had the special $2 1/2 pound hamburger and beer. Very tasty. After dinner, we stopped by to see Hank and Elizabeth for a few minutes. The rest of the grads tried to sit outside but the skeeters were again so horrible they chased everyone in. NOTHING kills these suckers. You can douse yourself with poison and they'd still bite ya. Just awful.


Paul needed to take care of some biz this of the rear tires may be leaking. Crap. Plus we need an oil change. I

Paul did errands and then came back and helped me do some housekeeping stuff. Then, he and Hank went to some RV parts supply place and I went over to their rig to visit with Elizabeth for awhile. We had a nice visit and I was showing her my latest (actually the only thing I have even thought about knitting) a pair of socks. We decide to go to Callahans for dinner...the family type place that was advertising stuffed green peppers for the dinner special.

I left about three and laid down for a while...the new alternative down comforter is sooooo cozy.

About 5 we pick up the Kerr's and head over to the restaurant. Elizabeth and I get the special, Paul orders the senior chicken parmigiana and Hank orders one of his favorites (and mine too) a Ruben sandwich. The size of the portions are enormous...Paul must have had two pounds of spaghetti under this large dinner plate size chicken tenderloin. Hank's sandwich was so big it would have feed four. Elizabeth and I got two beautifully stuffed peppers with tomato gravy....yum. Then, we both had rice pudding...she shared her's with Hank, I ate my whole serving!

We went back to their rig and talked for a while, deciding where we would meet up in Michigan. We found out that one of their daughters needs surgery and it is scheduled for Sept. 24th. That will mean a fairly good pace for our trip. There isn't a lot to "see" in the UP except the scenery so that is just gonna be a kinda pass thru I think. We are most interested in Mackinaw and Door County Wisconsin. After we bid goodbye (the Kerr's are leaving for Grand Rapids in the am) we head back to the rig to change clothes. The Grad group is braving the skeeters so we headed over to join them. Some new arrivals have been introduced and one couple was heading out that night. They had met for a hobo supper while we had already made dinner plans with the Kerrs. We have yet to go over to the Elks rally...not really planned to do that but are having so much fun with the grads group. Next time I'll have to decide just who I wanna pre-rally with without spending money to no avail!


We went with the grad group to visit the Ruthmere Mansion. This was built by Albert and Elizabeth Beardsley. He was one of the founders of Miles Labs, aka the Alka Seltzer empire. It is now owned by Bayer. The place was built in 1908 and is amazing. The Beardsley's had some ideas that have lasted to this day. Albert had a total shower surround like the rain forest types we see today. Quite impressive. The mansion has been restored by the Beardsley family and it is stunning. There are two original Rodan statues, and several other well know artist's works in the house of whom for the life of me I can't remember their names.
We really enjoyed the tour. The group split up after the tour...some going to the Farmers Market, others back to the campground and some like us needed to run errands.

The rain came after we got home from WalMart, so I did my usual ear pain and dizziness tricks and then laid down. That's it for now...not sure what the evening will bring. I am stick of smelling like deet poison so I am not looking forward to venturing outside after the rains.

Will post more later...



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