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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Elkhart Campground
Day 2

Sunday...After lounging around most of the morning, we decided to take a ride to find the WalMart. It was about 2 miles from the campground, well, duh...the GPS would not accept the addy so we were a bit perplexed until we figured out how to put county road in the stupid thing. After finding it, we decided to take ride in the countryside, got lost and finally found a fruit stand where the guy told us we were going in circles (no sh*t) and directed us back to Hwy 19. We stopped at a former A&W root beer now a local homemade root beer drive in and had a frosty mug....oh so good. Paul had a RB float...ick. I eat my ice cream separate...then drink the root beer by itself. Civilized yanno. This was about 4 so there we go again, screwing up dinner. We just cannot get this right yet.

We stayed in Sunday night and watched the boob tube... 3..
Memorial Day. Again we slept in, showered and then we were off to the Shipshewana Flea Market. OMG...the crowds were unbelievable. The place is the largest flea market in the world. I have never seen such a jammed up place full of useless stuff. But...I did buy Zack and me a sweatshirt, and we got a deal on a new swim suit for Zack...he has lost over 50 lbs by now and his suit is falling off when he does laps. We stopped and had a pulled pork sandwich about three. There goes dinner...again. We got back to the rig and both kinda just napped...well I know I did, don't know what the Prince did. About 7 we walked over to the Class Reunion gathering at site 400. Had a great time talking, laughing and getting to know new folks. The mosquitoes were horrendous and a couple of folks just gave up and went home...even Deep Woods stuff doesn't faze these bloodsuckers. We stayed til about 10 and then headed home. We are looking forward to seeing Hank and Elizabeth tomorrow. They will be here a couple of days and then they are off to Michigan where we will meet up with them up near Mackinaw Island around the 15th. Not sure what is on the agenda for tomorrow. I think Paul and Hank are going to go to a RV surplus place when he and Elizabeth get back from touring the RV Museum. Elizabeth and I will prolly just sit and visit tomorrow afternoon and maybe do some knitting.



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