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The Aluminum Asylum
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Friday, February 16, 2007

Friday Nite....

Well, The Prince and grandpa went to the geezer entertainment. Joe and Smoe or something like that. Most of the RGV entertainers go from park to park (RV and Mobile home parks) on a rotating basis. They are mostly retired musicians and church lady singers who do this simply because they still like to entertain. I do however, think some of these folks should quit the circuit...but smart assing aside, they do enjoy themselves and the geezers they entertain seem to enjoy them and their oldies. Just isn't my bag. I'd rather knit with my kitty in my lap! If I have to sing "God Bless America" one more time before a meeting or some type of entertainment begins I am gonna hurl. I don't dislike the song, don't get me wrong, but crap every time? A bit redundant I think. Kate Smith has nuthin' on me now.

Didn't do too much today other than a quick trip to Wally World. Of course I needed a set of ink cartridges for the printer which were out of stock. Figures. Paulie bought some office supplies. Kills me cause we have tons of this stuff back home. Oh well. We still haven't decided when or where we are going from here. Grandpa told me this morning he just loves his new place. I am glad. He went to play cards this morning. Then he drove to the grocery store or Wally's I'm not sure. Its good that he is feeling confident enough to drive locally. Its funny but I was just thinking he hasn't played possum since we moved in. Good. Gives him purposeful activities I guess.

Well, nothing exciting going on here in geezer village.

I am gonna look at the paper to see what's happening this weekend. I think there is something going on at the Texas Museum in Misson.




Anonymous said...

Hi Dee,

As usual, I am thoroughly enjoying your entries. I have also made my Mom an addict to your ongoing, enjoyable descriptions of life. I knew once she started she would get hooked. Hope all is going well. We are forging through the cold and snowy weather. I'll be glad when Spring arrives! Talk to you soon. Love, Nancy

Anonymous said...

I went to college for a semester with a Paul Ziaja in Kirksville, MO. many years ago. Could it be the same one?

Dennise said...

To Anonymous...yep, thats him...Let him know who you are and see if he can remember!