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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, February 15, 2007 favorite tv night...

Grandpa and Paulie went to Karaoke. I wasn't feeling too spiffy as I had a bad night spending most of it in the bathroom. 'Nough said in that department.
So, I have all evening with the big screen TV to myself. First, Ugly Betty. When I first heard the name of this show, I said, no way would I watch. Well, grandpa and I are hooked. It is really very funny and Betty is great. Then of course comes the Dr. McDreamy and Meredith saga, the Callie and George saga closely followed by the Christina and Burke story line. What else can be said about Greys Anatomy but one love saga, or sex saga after another. Oh, what great soap on nighttime TV! But my true fav show on Thursday is Men in Trees. I just love this show. I know, I am a pitiful soul who watches romance on TV. Boy am I pissed that Jack's ex girlfriend came back preggers with another man's baby and Jack takes her back, breaking Marin's heart. Pig. Men are pigs. Of course, so is Jack's girlfriend by the way. Only viewers will understand my pique'! I have heard an Internet rumor that Ann Heche and the actor who plays Jack are a real thing in real life...they left their spouses after the hot stuff on the set. OH, my. Well, it beats the crap outta this Anna Nicole bullshit. Like I CARE? When she was heavy, she said she wore a 12. My ass. I wear a 12 now and I don't look like she did for chrissakes! Ppfft!

I forgot to download photos today but will try tomorrow.

Not sure what is on the agenda tomorrow, but I gotta wash this grey outta my hair soon. It looks really freaky...I look like I am a poor imitation of Cruella Deville.



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