The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
Our home on wheels

Sunday, February 18, 2007 day.

Paulie and I cleaned today and did laundry. I get the good jobs of cleaning the bathrooms and Paulie does the vacuuming. I can't vacuum because of my fibro so he gets the easy stuff. As soon as we started, grandpa put on his hat and left with the fat little dog in the golf cart. He must think the house fairies clean his toilet and wash and fold his tidy whities? Hmmm...some old fart is gonna have a rude awakening when the house fairies go home soon.

We were invited to go to the Elks club for dinner by Uncle Ben and Bev. The two ladies we bought the house from were there also. It was western Karaoke night. (Do all these geezers think they missed stardom somehow in their past and are making up for lost time? They even bring their OWN Cd's for gosh sakes. Dear God save me!)
We did have a nice time tho....after a couple of pitchers. I guess I gotta loosen up a bit. Everyone ordered shrimp but I got a steak. It was pretty good. Pitchers are only like 5 bucks so we tipped a few.

We stayed late (9p.m. is late here) and went home to watch some TV. Paul immediately fell asleep on the couch and I decided to finish the book I have been reading...its the second book or the sequel Clan of the Cave bear. Its called the Valley of horses and is very interesting. I don't think I'd like to have lived in prehistoric times. Of course, there are so few people to piss you off, but ya gotta keep an eye on those damm cave lions.



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