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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, February 19, 2007

Monday....Presidents Day

Gee, when I first started to work at the Franklin way back way in the old days, we used to get today off, just like the state and federal workers. It lasted all of three years for me before they took that away along with the managers cocktail party and gifts (bonuses) for managers. My gosh what has happened to the world? Take away president's day and shrimp cocktail over a nice gin and tonic with a hot little check in one's hand and what have you got in this world? Jeesh.

We made the mistake of going to the Sam's Club in McAllen today. Every geezer in the Rio Grande Valley must have wanted to get out in the sun and hey for a buck fifty you can get lunch there! I have never seen as many people up from Mexico either...just can't believe they come here to shop...I don't think prices at Sam's are all that good. Must be the selection of goods or perhaps they split stuff up.

After Sam's we went to a western wear shop and Paulie found hisself a cowboy hat. He looks good in it but he wouldn't let me take a pix just yet. I have tried several times to get some pix up on the blog but the wifi has sucked lately and they don't load. I'll try again at the end of this message.

Paulie made good hamburgers for dinner. Sometimes he does surprise me. I was quite disappointed with mom today...I called her and asked her if she'd by me one stinking little thing...and she turned me down flat. Flat. I found a goldwing trike(three wheeled) motorcycle for a mere $15,000. Jeesh. I told her I'd let Cecil ride it with me. She still said no. What a poop...

Well, one of my favs is on Prison Break, so I need to say goodby for now.



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