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The Aluminum Asylum
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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sunday...the day of rest....

My butt, rest. Retiree's don't rest...we just party on. Just kidding. We actually are taking it easy today...we had a wonderful dinner party at Bev's last night. Best steak we've had since arriving in Texas. I thought this was the king of beef country. Baloney...give me corn fed beef from Nebraska or Iowa any day.

Thursday night we did go to karaoke. It was this dj's last night. He is a very large man whose name is Freddie Goldberg. No kidding. His mother was Hawaiian and his dad Jewish. He has a wonderful voice and does a good job managing the karaoke part of the job also. Anyways, it was his last night at the Llano Grande. He dressed up in woman's clothes and was quite funny. I think Paul got some pix so I can post them later.

Friday Paulie went to his shuffleboard thing. We are planning to do grandpa's taxes today or later tonight. We went out for a while to just get out in the nice weather and got more familiar with some of the area. Paul invited Uncle Ben for lasagna and we had a nice dinner. He stayed until grandpa and I had just one too many glasses of wine and there went the taxes. Saturday Paulie got up early and went to a dummy rummy tourney. What dummy rummy is I have no clue. I did some laundry and wiped down the bathrooms. It was 97 degrees today. It set a new record. It was kinda hot, but for much of the day the winds were strong and it didn't feel that hot though. Paul vacuumed and swiftered the floors then ran to the grocery store to get the bread we are supposed to bring. After taking showers, we all got dressed and went off to our dinner party. Bev has a beautiful covered patio with trellis boards covered with white lights and lots of candles. The sun had gone down and there was a wonderful cool breeze. Dinner was lovely and the company enjoyable.

This afternoon Paulie and I went to the pool and spa and then came home and ordered a pizza which although not Chicago style in ANY way shape or form, was acceptable.

We are searching for something to watch on TV since the old farts don't want to watch the Oscars.

It was another beautiful day in the valley...and it seems that it will stay warm and sunny for a while...maybe a shower on Wed.

Not much else going here. Wish I had something more interesting to write.



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