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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Tuesday evening....

Grandpa and Paul just got back from Karaoke. I passed today, not that I didn't want to go, I was still having stomach ickies from last night. So...they left at three and I laid down and slept til almost 7. Geesh, I slept the bestest part of the day away. It was beautiful and sunny today. Grandpa got his pix taken for the directory and Pepe was in it. Paul and I passed on the photo. Grandpa is gonna live here year round not us. The pix is really kinda cute...stupid dog takes better pictures than I do.

We went to the dollar store and spent 48 bucks. Not bad for all the stuff I got...cleaners, storage bags, hand soap, dishwasher they had it I bought it. I even bought two new scrubbie puffs...the ones we were using are just a bit shabby and almost down to nothing. The rest of the stuff I will get at Wally World.
Hopefully I can go BY MYSELF and actually LOOK at stuff instead of grab and run. I also want to go to McAllen to get to Staples and buy the Turbo Tax software we need to start doing the taxes. I need to do the taxes so I can do Zack's FAFSA for financial aide. This may just be the year he becomes an independent.

Not much else going on here. Will post more pictures when we find the camera that we put someplace we would remember it.



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