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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday December 21

At sea...

I wake up with a freaking cold. Crap. I guess I will stick near the room today. I do join grandpa and Paulie for breakfest, had some oatmeal and lots of orange juice. Back at the room I pop a couple of Dayquils. Lord, those pills are horse pill size! The sun is shinning and Paul, me and grandpa go up to 12 to get some sun. Maybe that will help me feel better. It is too hot up there for me and grandpa. We see Zack and he sits with us for awhile. They are still serving omelets and waffles down at the pool area so he heads down to get a waffle. We all sit and talk for awhile. Zack goes off on his own, and grandpa decides to go back to the room and prepare his mental state for the Texas hold'em tournment this afternoon. He is convinced he is gonna win this one intead of coming in third...

Paul and I go down to lay out in the sun on deck 8. We are in the rear (aft) and it is just beautiful. We all watch the dolphins jumping out of the water playing. They are such fun creatures to watch. After a while, the sun decides to go behind the clouds. Before we know it, it is lunch time. Paul and I go back to the Four Seasons for lunch. We are seated next to some folks we had talked to during our flotation device practice session on Saturday. They are very large folks, from Oklahoma. He eats two entree's. In addition to appetizer, and soup. They also have dessert. I had a really good skirt steak with mango salsa. Oh, I do love the flavor of skirt steak! After lunch, I retreat back to the cabin and down a couple more Dayquil horse pills. I laid down for a while and promptly fell asleep. About 5 Paul comes in to check on me and we both shower and get changed for dinner. Grandpa got bounced in the Texas hold'em first round. Awwww.... I am feeling like the last rose of summer. There are two shows...first the magician guy and later the comedian does a late act. The magic guy is really good and very funny...I ususally skip magic acts. Zack was the last audience member to get up on stage with him and practically stole the show. I guess I gave birth to a natural comedian/dancer/karaoke singer. Zack again took off after the show and the three of us went to dinner. We went back to Terraces and had a nice dinner. By the time we had finished our entree' I was really sneezing and feeling lousy. I really wanted to see the late show, but there was no way I was gonna make it. I headed back to the room, and downed some Nyquil. Ugh. Nothing worse than the onset of a cold.



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