The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Saturday Dec 23


We arrived in Houston about 3 am according to Zack who was still out and about I guess. Eye witness. We got up around 7 and were down in the dining room about 8. Zack joined us for the first time for breakfest. 7 days at sea and he makes one breakfest. I can't wait to see this bill. We may have made a fatal mistake giving a 21 year old a key that buys booze. Hmmmm. We shall see....

We get back to the room and wait til the green bagtag is called. They called us about 9:20 and we were off the ship in about 10 minutes. We find our luggage very quickly and grab the porter to helps us transport it to the car. We are in the car, on the highway by 9:45. Unbelieveable. No hunting for bags, waiting in line for customs (we breeze right on my scooter, grandpa being wheeled in a chair by a steward.)

Well, off to Livingston to get the rig and set it up. Zack is just a tiny bit tired so we will drop him off at the motel and then go set up. We stopped at the CVS and got more cold rememdies. Zack and I are suffering with the whole head cold thing...cough, fever, running eyes etc., etc. Grandpa slept all the way home from Houston to Livingston. We also stopped and got some Subways for lunch. Zack heads off to his room. Back at Rainbow's End, we get the rig from storage, get our new site and proceed to get our home on wheels back up and running. We are in a section called
"the hill". Grandpa and Paul have lunch outside, I try to muddle thru my email while noshing. I still can't believe its a day before Christmas (actually the day before Christmas eve...). Paulie and I rush around to get the laundry together and Paulie takes a run over to the laundry building. He comes back and picks me up for the announcements at 4. We find out that we are assigned table ten and that the only things we need to bring to the Christmas dinner is cream and sugar! I suggest we get some wine and maybe an appetizer. Steve, table ten ring leader or as he is referred to "host" of table ten nixes the appetizer as they think there is enough stuff on the list already. Alrighty then. Paul and I fold clothes and finish up the laundry. We call Zack and wake him up. There is a POKER game this evening and the boys will all be playing. Paul goes to get Zack and then he picks up grandpa and off they go. I put stuff away, straighen up the rig and watch a bit of TV. The three big losers come back about 9:45 and they are off again to take Zack back to the motel. Paul will stop at Wally world for some cream and stuff for breakfest. I hit the sack. I am still sicky from this damm cold!



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