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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Friday....December 22 2006

I am really wicked sick with this cold. After breakfest, I go up to the cabin and lay down.

That's what I did...all day....sleep.

The show this evening is the last of the singer/dancer extravaganzas. Can't miss this. It was a really good show and the troupe sang songs related to water....Navy songs, Broadway songs, etc. The skinny Romanians again did their thing and the acrobat from down under did some interesting moves using a curtain. I guess you hadda be there, lol!

We couldn't get reservations for Trattoria. That is the bad part of the "freestyle" crusing concept. You either have to wait forever to eat at the popular times or should I say normal dining hours. We ended up eating too late at night. We did see all the first shows but who wants to eat at 9:30 every night? I am not sure if I like this concept.

We had to have our bags outside the door by 2 a.m. No problem. We made sure Zack was aware of this. Grandpa headed back to his room to pack. Zack and Paul went off to the goodbye party. I wandered around the ship for awhile and then decided to get a cup of coffee at the sports bar. No Mexican coffee for me today...not with taking all that cold stuff...

The sports bar staff was preparing the late night buffet. I decided to stick around and see what they were serving. Hotdogs, hamburgers, finger sandwiches, salad bar. No dessert. Crap. I could have used something chocolate. I opted for a plate of fries. They tasted blah. It was the darn cold tampering with my taste buds.

Back at the room, I packed up all my stuff and Paulies stuff. We didn't buy anything anywhere so we didn't have any problems of how to get stuff in our bags. We had one full suitcase of dirty clothes. Zack and grandpa had already done their packing and their bags were already gone. Paul showed up and we got them out into the hallway. Gosh, this week went fast. Too fast. Of course, having a cold for two days sucked.

We are expected to dock in Houston about 8 a.m. We have green bag tags for our deck so we are not going to be called right away. I guess we will get off around ten and get back to the rig about noon. We won't be able to pick up the furkids as the vet is closed for the holiday.



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