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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sunday December 24

Christmas Eve...

We are up and around about 9. By the time we are dressed and out the door its after 10. We call Zack to wake his butt up and we will go for breakfest. We go to Charlies Family Resturant. I have eggs, grits and biscuits. Zack has biscuits and gravy and some eggs and bacon. Grandpa orders a egg sandwich. Egg sandwich. How weird is that? Paulie gets his omelete and we have a nice meal.

We hit the H.E.B. store first for groceries and stuff for the Christmas party tonight and the dinner tomorrow. I am bringing cheese and crackers and a bread dill dip bowl. Paul had picked up wine at Walmart when he stopped there last night. We get a ham for later in the week. We make a second stop at another grocery store as H.E.B. doesn't have dill dip or the right bread. I walk over to the dollar store, hoping to find a sugar and creamer to put on the dinner table tomorrow. I come up empty. Back at the rig, we sit around for a while til the Vespers service at 5:30. It is a very simple candle light service where all we did was sing Christmas songs after someone read the Christmas story. It was very nice. I sat next to a blind woman who had the biggest yellow lab guide dog I have ever seen. We talked with some folks for a while and then headed back to get the appetizers ready for the party at 7. It was a very nice party, lots of nice finger foods and the line dancing ladies did a couple of Christmas song line dances. Santa arrived to give everyone a candy cane. Then for the participants in the gift exchange got in a huge circle and passed gifts right and left while a poem was read about the Wright family. We did this one year at our Cenois club and it was hilarious. Watching these folks goof up handing things to the left and then to the right when they heard the words right and left was hysterical. Of course, thru out this whole son was just chomping at the bit. I don't think watching old people is his bag, LOL!

After the party we go back to the rig, watch a bit of TV(nothing on..what gives? Where is Scrooge...? No Its a Wonderful Life???) Paul takes Zack back to the motel and grandpa and I hit the sack.

Merry Christmas!


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