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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Wednesday July 12

OK, I am now starting to get pissy. Rain again. Overcast skies. Déjà vu all over again as Yogi would say. We started out this trip with continuous rain and now it’s haunting us again. Sometimes I wonder if its just us, or there really is something to this luck thing. If we have been gone six weeks, probably three have been rain, overcast and just plain yucky. I give up.

Don’t know what our plans are for today. Paulie has volunteered to help the Elks Lodge here serve a veteran’s steak dinner. I don’t know the details as of yet. Maybe I will go to WalMart in the town north of here. The Muskegon super WalMart is not scheduled to open until July 19th. Just walking around WalMart is better than sitting here watching the idiot box.

BTW, after I was kicked out of Barnes and Noble at 9:45 last night, I tried to call the mad shopper Paulie. Obviously no signal in the Meijers Superstore. I wait and I wait and I WAIT. Finally at 10:15 I get a hold of him. He pulls up and is all innocent like. I ask him if he just does this stuff to piss me off. Again, Mr. Innocence tells me I told him B&N closes at ten…well, my dear that’s HALF of what I told you. I remind him I also told him that they shag everyone out 15 minutes before closing and I would be out in front at about 9:45 or 9:50. Conveniently, that part of our conversation has been forgotten. Ya think he does this on purpose just to honk me off? Or to make me even pissier, he half listens…and forgets most of the details. He’s trying to get me committed. I just know it. Can I prove this…yeah right…every crazy person claims to be sane. That’s the gig.

I did talk to Maureen briefly yesterday. Nothing new on that front. Also talked to Jan for a minute. She has to buy a new mower. Again. This is like three in two years. I’d give up. Find some neighborhood kid with a mower and pay him ten bucks and be done with it.

Well, since it’s gonna be another crappy day, I suppose I should pull out Zack’s sweater and start knitting. Problem is today is supposed to be a bit on the hot and humid side and that thing weighs a ton! Hmmm. Maybe I’ll work on my new purple top that I am making out of microspun. This sucker will take forever…size 5 needles for a tunic with long sleeves. I must be a glutton for punishment as Daddy would say. OK, I’ll stop my endless complaining here and get productive. Maybe I’ll just go back to bed!



Wednesday continued…

Well, the sun did eventually show its face this afternoon, so the three of us went down to sit on the beach. We stayed about two hours as the clouds kept the hot part of the sun at bay. Lots of kids playing in the sand and water.

Paul went and bought a rotisserie chicken from Meijers for dinner. It was very good and he had purchased some side dishes; fried apples and candied yams. Pretty good slap it together dinner.

After dinner we went up to the beach to watch the sunset. We never get tired of watching a sunset. This evening, it was very different…the sun dropped out of a cloud just before it went down. Quite different than any we’ve seen thus far. We sat and talked with some folks from a fifth wheel rig across the way. They are from Midland, and are hopeful that they will get a permanent site next year. They have a huge basset hound that stinks really bad (to me anyways). He is huge, about 80 pounds at least, all really close to the ground. The appeal of that dog escapes me. Ugh. He kept nudging me to pet him…I did very reluctantly and paid the price…stinky doggie smellie hands until I got back to the rig.

We got back to the rig about 10:15…grandpa was sitting outside waiting for us. He had been waiting for about 45 minutes…he told us he just figured we were “having sex on the beach” that made us late. Oh yeah, me and Paulie have been wanting to do that for so long…riiiiiiight. We sat outside for a couple of hours before going to bed.

About three am, I woke up and both Paulie and I had rolled into the center of the air mattress…like two hotdogs in a bun. The mattress was leaking. Well, when we got up, we realized that Paulie hadn’t affixed the cap on the intake valve properly. Hopefully, that’s all it is and we won’t have to get a new air mattress.

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