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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Thursday July 13

We had some errands to run this morning so we took grandpa to Toast and Jams. Well, I ordered the eggs benedict; Paulie the French toast and grandpa got a pecan roll. My eggs were delish, but I could only eat one egg. Paulie could only eat one slice of toast, and grandpa didn’t like his pecan roll…it had caramel sauce all over and pooled on the plate. Not his kinda pecan roll. A real bust actually.

We proceeded to Sam’s Club to check out ribeye steaks. We wanted to buy the fixings for dinner on Saturday when Rick and the girls get here. The whole ribeyes were outrageously priced. Twice the price as at home. By the time we would buy the meat, side dishes etc, we could eat out without the hassle and the messy clean up.

We then went to Walmart for RV black water tank stuff and to get grandpa’s favorite nut rolls. We had talked to Sue and made plans to go to meet at the Old World Buffet for dinner around 6:30. The sun was out, and the humidity was rising. When we got back to the rig, we changed and went down to the beach. It was very hot. We only stayed by the water for about an hour and a half. The sun was just so intense, I had to cover up about ten minutes after we got there. Back at the rig, I needed to nap, so I shut myself up in the bedroom while Paulie and grandpa watched a poker tournament on TV. I was hurting and really didn’t nap but it was nice and quiet in the bedroom plus I had pulled down the shades. We had turned on the air conditioning before we left in the morning in anticipation of the heat and humidity so the rig was nice and comfortable.

We left the rig to meet the William’s about 6:10. While on our way, Sue called and said they would be on their way shortly. When we got to the buffet, it was pretty busy. We looked around the deli checking out the imported foods. Just as we decided to go sit and have a iced tea while waiting, a huge group of about 20 people came in…and they had teenage boys. By the time Sue and Casey had arrived…the buffet had been decimated. Teenage boys. What more does one need to say?

The sausage, cabbage rolls and the sauerkraut dishes were all superb. Why else would we have returned? Those rotten teenagers ate the entire dish of potato pancakes. The nice lady at the buffet said she would get me some and about two minutes later three hot, sizzling pancakes were sitting in front of me. Pure heaven. Why don’t my potato pancakes taste like these?
I gotta learn how to cook better polish, its soooooo good. There is a dish called Bogi or something like that which is a sauerkraut stew made with meat. Oh, my goodness. It is very good. Gotta get that recipe off the net.

After dinner, Paulie and I went up to watch the sunset again, and were joined again by some of the folks from the campground. It was a beautiful sunset once again. We watched a bit of TV and then it was dreamland. We were hoping the air would stay in the mattress where it belonged, however I again woke up about 3 a.m. and the air was half gone. How uncomfortable that is…sleeping on a half filled air mattress that is on top of the most unbearable sleep sofa mattress ever created. It was sticky and hot ‘cause I kept sinking into the plastic of the mattress. Gosh. Then I wonder why I hurt when I get up. The air mattress really had been a godsend for my fibro…I sleep well on it and it is not hard like my other mattresses at all. Actually I was thinking of replacing our mattress with the sleep number but then changed my mind when I saw the price tag!

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