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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 17, 2006

Friday July 14

I crawled out of the air mattress about 8 a.m. I just couldn’t take it anymore, I felt like I was suffocating. Why Paulie was able to sleep is beyond me. It is another overcast day, the expected high to be around 90 degrees which is unheard of here in this part of the world. I am really hurting today. I just am counting the days until I get this freaking hip fixed. I hate to continually complain around the old farts so I just bitch about it here!

I guess I will go to B&N to post this. While I am out I will have to get another air mattress. I haven’t taken any pictures lately…so there isn’t too much to post in that area, but what I have, I will get up. We have to break camp here tomorrow as the campground is full up on Saturday. We had originally planned to head home tomorrow, but our plans changed when cousin Ricky could only make it here this weekend. So, we will probably park the rig at Wally world overnight. Sunday is still up in the air. We are going to avoid the I90/I80 crap and head south into Indiana. We will drop the rig off at Kickapoo State park near Danville and then just load up the car and head home to Rochester. The Cenois group is meeting in Kickapoo next weekend and it is cheaper to pay the daily fee at the park than drive the rig home and then back 150 or so miles with the cost of fuel. Hank and Elizabeth Kerr are arriving on Tuesday so they will be early arrivals and will undoubtedly keep an eye out on the rig for us, not that anything would happen. We will return on Wednesday or Thursday and stay until after the club meeting on Saturday. We have a wedding and a retirement party Saturday night.

Well, I am off to get dressed and then maybe Paulie and I will go to the mall and get the mattress.



Friday continued…

Well, they say the best laid plains…

We wound up sticking around here. Paulie started to clear up the outside and put stuff away in anticipation of breaking camp tomorrow. He had a terrible time getting the awning in. I just don’t understand. I watch a ton of folks set up camp and then take it down again. NOBODY has the problems Paulie does. I don’t know if its just fate or he is doing things his own way and not bothering to do things the right way. As if I would even know the right way from the wrong way. For example, the clip thing on one end of the awning was jammed. Nothing could un-jam the thing. He finally had to get on a ladder and unlock the thing with pliers. Geesh. I watch folks putting out and pulling in awnings and I have never seen anyone have any difficulty…at all. I did pretty much of nothing…so what else is new? I did have to lie down for a while. Paulie also cleaned all the windows on the front of the rig.

We are supposed to go to a margarita party tonight. I am not in any mood to be pleasant. Just am not in a very good mood. Don’t know why. Maybe I am depressed ‘because we have to go home. I shouldn’t be…we’ve had a great time. And I do want to get this hip thing over and done with. Maybe I am just tired from the bad sleep I had last night and the nap didn’t really help. I am going nuts from about 25 mosquito bites I got sitting out at the beach with the campground folks last night. How can a bite still make you itch like crazy a day after you’ve been bitten? That’s just not right. I am scratching the skin off in places! I didn’t get a very refreshing nap either. Nope. Nothing promising so far about this evening!

We are having hot dogs, corn on the cob and potato chip fragments for dinner. I don’t know who is eating all these chips, I haven’t had any. I haven’t had any in months…ugh. When I think of all the chips I ate when I had my binge/cravings I get sick all over again. Finally the sun is out…it’s now 6:30 p.m. and the sun decides to show up. It is supposed to be really hot and humid tomorrow, very rare for this area. Looking forward to seeing Steph, Lindsey and Unca’ Rick.



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