The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, July 17, 2006


Well, we secured the rig, loaded up the furkids and some of grandpa's stuff and hit I74 for the 2 hour ride to Rochester.

We got home and as expected, the house was dirty...I expected this, Paulie is pissed. I don't know why he thought the house would be clean. It is after all, still standing. There were no holes in the wall, no burnt food in the oven, no dirty dishes all over and all the furniture was still in one piece. Dirt is something a 20 year old boy doesn't see. Doesn't he get this? Disappointed my I said, it was almost cleaner that I thought it would be. Nothing is broken, everything is still in place and the plants are even still alive. Paul needs to chill. And then the weather is so great...99 in the shade! The house is starting to cool down...but the outside flowers are pretty well goners, I have yet to see the tomatoes. Where I had planted annuals, the weeds have taken over the plants everywhere. Oh well, it'll just have to stay that way in hell is anyone gonna pick weeds in this weather. And since I can barely walk, weeds can do whatever they please.

We will head back to kickapoo on Wednesday evening....I am planning on getting together with my cousin Nancy who lives near there. After the Cenois FMCA meeting is over on Saturday morning, Paulie and I will head home in the rig. Gee...since grandpa won't be with us, I will actually be able to sit in the FRONT seat instead of the frickn' recliner in the back. Wow, I am soooo excited.



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