The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day four thousand six hundred and eleven…

OK, so I can’t remember…one of those senior moments I reckon….

We finally arrived at the Henry Putnam County fairgrounds. Wow. Motorhomes as far as the eye can see. Ok. Well, maybe they just fill the fairgrounds. Looks to be about 375 rigs here. I did see one 5th wheel. Must be a vendor…nothing but motorhomes allowed here for goodness sakes. With all these big dollar coaches, I bet the guy in the 5th wheel feels like a poor ol’ piker. I never cease to be amazed at the number of coaches that retail over $500,000.00 at these things. If I could afford a half a mil for a home, I sure as hell wouldn’t spend it on a tin can on wheels for goodness sakes. I’d buy a lakefront or ocean front villa on either Lake Como or near Sanibel Island. Well, maybe not Sanibel…they are more like 4 or 6 million…can’t afford the taxes on those puppies.

We had to wait almost two hours to get parked. One of the parking volunteers said that two out of three coaches were handicapped. They ran out of spots for us handicappers…we lucked out since we were placed in a plumb spot. We are in with the Midwest Frustrated Maestros, the group of folks that entertain us at breakfast each day. We are 200 feet from the display coaches and just about 600 feet from the arena where the entertainment will be each night. Paulie took our lawn chairs over all ready so we can get a good seat in the handicapped section. So many of our friends from Cenois are here, and have really important jobs to boot. Good to have friends in high places as they say lol!

We are planning on steak for dinner. I was starving so I made two brushettas for myself. Crisp bread topped with tomato and onion in spiced olive oil and then topped with mozzarella cheese. Oh they are soooooo good. I planned on bringing them to our Cenois club get together but now, I just might do something else. I hate to part with something so good. Selfish girl…yep that’s me!

Well, I am so hungry I could eat the proverbial horse. Where is Paulie for heaven’s sake? I’ve got to eat or have another low blood sugar problem. Last time it was 46. NOT good.



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