The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 26, 2006


Ok my friends...I am sitting in a comfortably overstuffed arm chair in the new Barnes and Nobels in Muskegon. I have popped two (yes, two) vicodin from Paulies old stash from his shoulder surgery, so I am not only PAIN free for a couple of hours, I am also in a pretty good mood, LOL!

I am going to post the last week's blog entries as this is the first opportunity to get wifi. I apologize but the folks in Henry IL didn't have a clue what wifi was so you can imagine my frustration. Sorry that you will have to go backwards, but actually there's not alot I can do. However I will post them individually with the day on them so it may make it easier. I sure hope everyone is enjoying this as much as I am enjoying practicing my writing skills. It has been suggested to me that I use this as a basis for a book on fulltiming in our RV...hmmm, such as what not to do? Or don't do this because...just ask me how I know....

well, off to cut and paste. Miss you all, but we are having a ball. Grandpa still wants that Alfa he fell in love with...I think he and Paulie are gonna call Pontiac RV and see if the deal they worked out is still good. Hey, whatever grandpa wants...he is having a great time and I am so very happy about that. Not to mention that he and I are tossing back a few cocktails and have never had more fun talking and listening to his stories. He is a real card. I think I am going to get out the video camera and start recording these sessions. I love looking at Daddy's videos. Makes me realize how truly wonderful his stories were and makes me miss him, but in a good way. I still see his twinkling blue eyes and that goofy grin he made when he knew he was joshing ya.
I will regret not getting grandpa Gene on tape.



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