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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day 25
Henry, IL

It seems I am waking up at 3 a.m. every single night, and then have a hard time going back to sleep. Seems my hip is just achy enough to keep me uncomfortable and unable to sleep. This morning, same stuff. Geesh. Then I have to get up at 7. My brain is a mess. Well, I have a busy morning, monitoring two seminars and then I can go watch my soaps. Cliffhanger Friday you know. The breakfast this morning was eggs and sausage. Um, thanks but no thanks. I made a hot protein and then my sister Jan called. Great, an excuse NOT to go to breakfast. We talked for awhile. I swear, she gets three steps ahead and then has to take two steps back. This week the shower fixture went belly up and of course, it is so old they don’t stock ‘em any more. She is getting her van ready for resale. Hope she can get what she needs. She wants to do replacement windows, and now may have to put in an all new shower plumbing fixture which means tearing out a wall. Good grief.

I met up with Paulie and grandpa. They were grousing about the eggs. Gee, you think I should have spoken up? Nah, live and learn I always say.

I stopped in the vender’s area a bought a water bottle holder that you stick in your pants waist or belt. Really neat. Now all I have to figure out is how to prevent the sweat from the bottle down my leg.

I arrive at my first seminar location and already the presenter is telling jokes. There are about 10 people already there. I pass out survey sheets to those there and hand one to each new arrival. I am determined NOT to let latecomers ruin MY seminar. Tardies were met at the door, told to sit where I told them to sit and I gave them the seminar info booklets and the survey sheet. I think I did quite well, and my presenter did not have to stop the presentation for these tardies. My presenter was quite the talker and I kept trying to get his attention to tell him time was running out. He ignored me; on purpose I am sure, lol! Finally, he acknowledged me, but he was determined to show all his slides and went over the allotted time. I had another seminar which had originally been scheduled at the same location, but was changed to accommodate a larger crowd. I was supposed to be there 15 minutes before the start time to get my stuff together. Finally he shut up (!) and everyone filed out. They all seemed very, very pleased with this gentleman. Paulie later went to another seminar he taught about RV chemicals and batteries.

We book to the next seminar and do the same drill all over again, however this room was huge and we had over 60 attendees. Unlike the Alaska seminar, the tardy folks didn’t disrupt the entire presentation, and thankfully the older couple who were presenting it, didn’t stop at each interruption of tardies. Again, the MODERTOR WAS TOTALLY IN CONTROL…LOL!

It seems my cap lock key is on the fritz. Crap, just what I needed, a problem with my new computer.

I guess my lock key is stuck. Hmmm, how do you fix that?

I GUESS I WILL CALL MY SON…GRRRR, WHY DOES THIS STUFF HAPPEN TO ME? I pried up the key and it looks like it’s fried. I could just scream. OK, enough complaining. I can’t write in all caps, it gives me a headache. I will try to post more later when I am not so pissed. Hey!!! Well I guess I fixed it…there is a selection on the font box on the tool bar. Whew….

Well, those fuglies at Al’s Motorhomes sold my coach. How dare they? It was mine I tell you. All mine! It was a Travel Supreme, 40 foot quad slide, colors inside and out were a rich caramel and black. King bed, beautiful maple cabinetry with an antique overlay. A wonderfully large desk on the curb side and a comfy Euro recliner. A 42, yes 42 inch flat screen TV over the front of the rig. Awesome. I would have been in heaven. It also had a STACKED washer drier…none of that typical Splendide thing which is a combination washer/dryer that everyone says sucks. *Sigh*. Even grandpa wanted this one. He could have had his own sink and medicine cabinet…there were two, one in the bathroom (toilet and sink) separate from the second sink paired with the shower. Beautiful high quality slate tiles The super-sized sofa was leather and it was like butter…really. I could lay totally stretched out, not like ours. No oven, but a convection microwave combo…no stupid stove. Ah, but where would I store bread and grandpa’s cookies? A ceramic smooth top range. The only thing missing was a dishwasher, but I have Paulie. A huge, deep kitchen with beautiful marble counters. OH, it was my dream coach. Well, next time maybe. Or when we sell the house we can trade up. Grandpa and I are in agreement. Sell that stick house and hit the road for great adventures. Like I said…it was only $314,000.00 and it was a 2006…bet they will be dealing tomorrow. Too bad grandpa didn’t bring his check book, lol! OK, OK, its out of our league. One can dream right? I will start looking for used coaches just like this one. Tomorrow I will get the model number and maybe some specs. Oh darn. I will also take pictures so I can look at my dream coach every day.

Well, the boys are at the entertainment for the evening. A joke telling juggler. Gosh. What a great show, I betcha. Well, not for me. Jugglers, magicians, tumblers and the man on the flying trapeze are just not my idea of entertainment. Clowns freak me out and so do ventriloquists. Too many horror movies in my early years I think. I have chills just thinking about somebody who thinks a hunk of wood TALKS for god’s sake. My hip is really bothering me and I am going to take a nice hot shower and relax in the recliner. As I noted earlier, we have a full day tomorrow.

Later guys…


Day 25 continued…

Gee, I wrote all the above and forgot to tell you about two exciting parts of my day…one just happened in the shower…! I was showering in the rig, nice hot water, new Mary Kay cleansing gel (great stuff Maureen, if you’re reading this. However…the tube is defective…half the gel gushed out the bottom seam…must not have been connected/glued correctly. Love it though!) Anyways, the glob of gel wound up on the shower floor and immediately foamed up and made the floor of the shower just a tad slippery. Of course, we all know that I am not the best balanced person in the world, and in an instant my every present dizziness ratcheted up a notch and I started to fall…my ass hit the shower door, it popped open, water gushed out onto the bathroom floor. I was quick enough to grab the door jab. Once again, my shoulder jammed up against the door frame (can’t I take just one fall without popping my bad shoulder out? Grrr.). Whew, that was a close one…I can’t imagine what damage I would have done to my old body not to mention the damage to the rig’s bathroom. Then of course, I can just imagine Paulie’s face coming home to that spectacle. Well, so much for taking a shower alone in the rig again!

Earlier today, during the second seminar, about half way thru the presentation, Paulie left to go check on grandpa at the rig. I needed to go to the bathroom in the worst way. I kept jiggling around waiting for Paul to come back and let me get away to the bathroom. He finally got back and I made a beeline to the ladies room. It was like a block away. I don’t walk fast to begin with but I finally made it to the stall, and started to take off my jeans skort (shorts under a mini type skirt is a skort). Well, I couldn’t unbutton and unzip in time. I just wet my pants. How embarrassing!!! And I am actually writing about it and letting you all laugh at me! How stupid is that? I had to take off my icky panties and put them in my fanny pack. Ugh. Thank the good Lord; the skirt part of the skort covered the wet spot. I gotta go and have this checked out when we get home. It’s been almost 10 years since my last bladder surgery so I guess I am due. I cannot even fathom having another one, but I have read that ten years is about all they last. Good grief. It just never ends!

Well, the boys are back from the entertainment and Paulie is fixing us a drink. It was a beautiful day today, sunny yet cool with a nice breeze. It is now past sunset and again, it’s a beautiful night. Hopefully, I will have some time to write tomorrow. After the entertainment tomorrow evening, we will be taking off. Paulie wants to get past the I80/I90/I94 craziness when traffic is light, hopefully by 11 or so when we get there, it will be smooth sailing. We will most likely stay at a rest area, WalMart or truck stop and get an early start Sunday a.m. We alerted the Elk’s campground that our plans have changed and we won’t arrive until Sunday. Can’t wait to see Suzie, Lar and the girls.



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Linda said...

Thanks for the good laugh. Only one who has been there and done that can really appreciate the whole calamity. We are in Montana tonight. another 1000 miles to go. My My My - what were we thinking in cramming so much in so little time.

Will read you later. check out my blog.