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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, June 26, 2006

Day whatever…

I am going to stop putting down the day number. I know we have been gone a long time so who needs numbers?

We stopped at a Flying J just inside the Indiana border about 11 last night. For all Paulie’s planning to “miss” the traffic jam at the construction on I80/I90 it was for naught. It took us an hour and a half to get through about a 15 minute section of road.
We were awakened about 5 a.m. by the kitty litter pan continuously running. (For the uninformed, we have used the automatic litter disposal pans for about 10 years or so…wouldn’t do without one.) Anyways, Snickers likes to move every speck of litter to the right side of the pan which screws up the sensors and makes the sweeper thingy run and run. Paul decides that he has to use the bathroom and since I have already used it, he has clear access off my side of the bed since I am standing there shivering. Then when he gets back to bed he decides that he should wake up grandpa like he did to us yesterday, ruining our final minutes of available sleep. Foolish man. I tell the goof that his plan has one major flaw. Of course, grandpa will get up, have a cup of coffee and then as we mosey on down the highway, he will promptly fall asleep in his seat. I will have already moved to sleep on the couch and Paulie would be all by his lonesome, just driving. Just who is “getting” who says I? Defeated, he grumbles some unintelligible words and in minutes, he is once again sawing logs. Not me. Oh no. Not nocturnal dysfunctional moi. I finally fall asleep and it seems like five minutes later Paul is giving me a nudge to get up. We dress, walk over to the store at the Flying J and get some coffee and doughnuts. Crispy crèmes. Yuk they are really bad. No wonder they are losing money…they make lousy doughnuts.

We make it into Michigan and before we know it, we are pulling into the campground at the Elks club in Muskegon. After setting up, we have some lunch. Leftover cocktail party appetizers. My ears are making some awfully strange noises (for a brief moment I thought I was intercepting alien telecommunications signals) so after lunch before I fell down, I went and laid down. My brain does its thing and completely shuts down and I am passed out within minutes. I wake up about three thirty and Paulie has the awning out, the palm tree and all our outdoorsy stuff set out. Whata guy. They tell me that Sue had stopped by earlier but I was asleep. I take a shower and get dressed. Soon we are off to Suzie and Larry’s house to have dinner. Amy and Casey are surprised to see grandpa in his beard. We have a drink and some appetizers while catching up on what’s going on in everyone’s life. Lar makes wonderful grilled pork tenderloin, accompanied by grilled potatoes and onions. Wow, everything was great. We sit around and talk, grandpa telling stories of his family and the war. We left about nine and back to the rig. I thought I’d write a bit while things are fresh in my mind. We will find a laundry and wifi hot spot tomorrow and probably do some grocery shopping. We also want to visit the beach here at the campground. I am watching the TV weather guy and tomorrow is going to be like today…overcast and occasional showers are expected. That’s ok…errands need to be run anyways.



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