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The Aluminum Asylum
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Monday, April 21, 2008

Well, my sniveling nasty cold took it's toll this weekend and I was wicked sick.

How can such a simple thing like a common cold put a person so low for so long. Thank goodness for my Mexican pharmacy. And Nyquil. I would seriously be in trouble without either of them.

Here are some photos from our trip to Branson. The first one was a sign posted at a place we stopped along the highway to have lunch. Now, after seeing this sign, do we blame me for staying IN the rig and not stretching my legs? The only good thing about this rest area was the free wifi...

We stayed about 33 miles north of San Antonio in New Braufels Texas. A neat side trip was to see this old German town (and eat real German food...yummmmmy) and to go to Groene to see the oldest dance hall in Texas...

We ate in New Braunfels at Friesenhaus and had wonderful Jaegerwrust(OMGOSH the red cabbage melted in your mouth). The food was fabulous. Then we went to a bakery and bought some strudel that tasted like Aunt Anna's and had wonderful bread.

These are some murals in New Braunfels.

Here are some photos of Groene...lots of nice touristy shops with lots of Texas stuff including hot sauces, bear and pecans...what else?

Here is the oldest dance hall in line of the walls of all the country western stars that have performed here over the years...

We had a nice time for the two days we visited...I really like the Hill Country. I guess it's the German influence. With my lunch at Friesenhaus, I had a Haufbrau...very good beer I must say.

We traveled without incident to Branson. Friday night we stopped at a local city campground...Paul's Valley OK. Ten bucks for electric and water, 30 amps. The campground was on the city lake...quite red like most of the water in OK! It was a quiet little place with about 20 RV spots and about half were filled...looked like locals.

We arrived in Branson about 4 pm and got settled. I immediately went to sleep 'cause I was so sick. We went out for a sandwich around 7 and by the time I got back to the rig, I had a raging fever and the chills. I collapsed til about ten on Sunday. We really just rested up on Sunday. The RV park is quite pretty...lots of hills! Can you spell HIP PAIN boys and girls? Hmmm, will be riding my scooter I reckon'.

We both did our first "training" shift this morning. I worked in the office from 8 to noon, and Paulie did some outdoors stuff from ten til two. Their system is a bit odd for a modern campground, but who am I to complain? I need to learn how to know where to put different sized rigs...the spaces here a relatively big rigs here.

We are off tomorrow so I think I will take some photos of the place.



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