The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We were both up early this morning, but were just kinda lazy and laid around in bed. Finally, Paul got up and showered, then I followed when he finished. I had some cereal for breakfast and Paul made a baloney sandwich with ketchup and tomato...yep, for breakfast. I am not sure that would set right with my stomach, but who knows what he's thinking. We decide to go out and explore, perhaps finding a show to see on our day off. Paul wants to see comedy...I am not sure what I want to see. We get our map of the area and off we go. We go all through the main street, seeing all the different attractions on Hwy 76. We end up at The Landing, a new shopping area in old downtown Branson. Very upscale I think. We follow along the "red route" and end up back near Celebration City which is right near our RV park. We head towards Sheppard of the Hills to check out the new RV park at Silver Dollar City. As we continue up and down the beautiful hilly route, we see that there is one hell of a storm heading our way. We quickly turn around and head back to the campground. We had left all of our windows open and this looked like a whopper of a storm brewing. We arrive back at the rig just as the drops start to hit the car. By this time, I am spinning due to the drop in the barometer that comes along with the rain and the up and down of the road through the hills didn't help. After the windows are shut, the downpour begins. I lay down to get my bearings and fall asleep til noon! By the time I wake up the storm has moved on and the sun is shinning. Paul and I decide to resume our exploration. This time we check out the side roads and the outlet malls. We decide we need to have something to eat(while we were home we could have made a sandwich but for some reason, we didn't even think of it!) We stopped at Billy Bob's Burgers and the place was jammed to the gills. After seeing that the service was incredibly slow and all the white hairs in the place were gumming their burgers, and appeared to take forever to do so, we decide that we would best be served by finding another eatery. We hit the Rib Cage right next door. We split a pork sandwich with french fries which was superb. I think I will return to this place!

After our late lunch, we headed over to the theater to see The Twelve Irish Tenors. We produced our "check stub" which proves we are "local" workers so we get in for free or at a reduced price. The Tenors were free. We saved $50 on matinee tickets!

The show was wonderful, but heck, watching these kids made me feel OLD! Such baby faces! Such cutie pies! Very entertaining show, a combination of Irish songs, Broadway stuff, Beatles, Elton John and Josh Groban. We really enjoyed them, they all were so talented and each was featured in specific numbers. If all of the shows are this good, we are going to have an enjoyable summer!

Paul went to a meeting of a group of Viet Vets. The ownerof the RV park, Bill is a member...he was a fighter pilot in 'Nam, and then had a career in the AF. I am glad Paul decided to go. I stayed in and watched Dancing...poor was inevitable I guess. She was incredible anyways...I can hear a little bit, and can't dance!

Well, we both have three hour shifts tomorrow from two til five. I am going to put some chicken in the crock pot so it will be ready when we get off tomorrow. I am also going to try a new recipe for beer bread. Should be an interesting dinner!

Since it rained today, I really didn't even take out the camera. I promise if tomorrow is better, I will take some shots of the park. Maybe Paul will take me in the park's golf cart. I almost had a stroke walking up the hill to the rig from the office on Monday. Talk about out of shape! I was sweating and my was chest a-heavin' was embarrassing for heaven's sake. I am not old...but if you had seen me after the little hike up the hill, you'd swear I was dead and just forgot to lay down. Of course, the hips and knees don't work on uneven surfaces to begin with and then ya throw some steepness into the mix, I am screwed. I made a promise to myself...I am gonna walk up that hill every day. If it kills me...and it just may.


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