The Aluminum Asylum

The Aluminum Asylum
Our home on wheels

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sorry about the rant yesterday folks. In a 300 square foot house on wheels, you can't rant I chose to rant with words. We did make a sort of peace last night...and both of us are under the weather today. That rotten cold Paul had is lingering, and now I am doing the coughing along with him, and my chest and ears are hurting for sure. I have a headache and the joints are just screaming. Sigh. We decided to just stay put here at Rio Rafting and RV park. It is a nicely kept park, fairly empty at this time of year and nice and quiet. A day of rest will do us both good. We will take a ride to New Braunfels just to check it out. It had been on my list of wanna see's as it is a part of the Texas Hill country German settlements. Fredericksburg was great and was Comfort. We didn't see Grone or New Braunfels. They have a German bakery and restaurant that I need to check out. Hey, we do need bread!

Will post more later...


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