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The Aluminum Asylum
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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday January 2, 2007

Another beautiful sun filled day in the RGV. Rain clouds will be moving in this afternoon and will stay with us until at least Thursday. I predicted rain yesterday when all I could do was sleep!

We had a nice easy morning and had coffee with bagels for breakfest. I would like to go to the Big Lots store to check for some curtains. I want to get new shorter ones for the front of the motorhome, so I don't have to cut and sew the old ones from our bedroom. They are battenburg lace and they will be a stinker to shorten...besides I am a terrible seamstress...

After browsing through Big Lots and Dollar General and coming up empty Paulie picks me up and we head west to find the RV supplies place. We need to get more of the drawer supports for the panty. The plastic ones break in a heart beat. Hopefully we will find some that are metal. Doubt it, but we shall try!

We look around the RV store and climb up into a couple of new RV's (these people's prices are outrageous...!) After a quick lunch at Burger King, we decide to check out the International Bridge to Mexico. On the way, grandpa decides he wants to stop at the Dickies outlet and find some pants. After purusing the entire store, grandpa decides he is not gonna spend that much on a pair of pants that will outlive him by 20 years...he says Walmart is fine with him. OK. Back on the road we head towards Mexico. We pass a number of neat looking stores that have Mexican decor and several fruit stands. We see whole pineapples for a buck each and decide we will stop on the way back. We thought we'd see a store that sells Mexican car/rv insurance but come up empty. All of a sudden we are at the crossing so we pull a U and head back to the fruit stand. We purchase a cantalope, a small seedless watermelon, a couple of extremely sweet smelling pineapples, some cherry tomatoes and some lemons. What a deal! 7 bucks. Hopefully we didn't throw our money away and the stuff is edible!

Back at the rig, our FedEx package has arrived so Paul and grandpa go through all the stuff. I am fading fast so I decide to lay down in the bedroom. My head is killing me from the pressure of the incoming rain and it takes me a long time to doze off. Paulie wakes me up around 6 and we have leftovers for dinner. Not much on TV tonight so I guess I will spend some time surfing the net. Zack sent the other Dish receiver so we will try to set the thing up tomorrow. I want to go to Walmart tomorrow to check out the curtains. Since it will be raining that will be a good way to get out of the rig for a while. Now, let's see if I can persuade Paulie to let me go by myself. Hmmm.

Well, that's about it for today.



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