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The Aluminum Asylum
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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday January 4th, 2007

Sorry about missing yesterday. It was a cool and rainy day so Paulie and I went towards Mexico on International Bridge. There were several RV resorts and a mobile home village that look to be potential look-sees. The first one, Pine and Palms was a nice clean park but the mobiles were all single wides and quite aged. The streets were nicely paved and they had a nice clubhouse and pool/shuffle board area. The second place was just an rv park with maybe two park models located inside. It was far from full. The third place was the charmer. Siesta Village. It is a 55+ community, well maintained with newer doublewides. Just up our alley. There are two for sale is from the park for resale of used units, then there was a fella who sells new models. We met with him and looked at two new double wides. Both were nice, the second one was very nicely furnished but the front was odd looking. It didn't have one window on the front of the unit, just the front door. Apparently the main closets for the other two bedrooms are at that end of the unit. Duh....put a window in the closet!

We also took down the number for a for sale by owner unit. It looks really nice...Paul called when we got home. It has three bedrooms, two full baths and they will leave it furnished. The couple that is selling the unit cannot sell their home back in Kansas City Mo and can't afford two residences...I can identify with that!

We went for dinner at the Elks Lodge in Westlaco...they have a spaghetti dinner every Wednesday night. The rather rude woman taking money wouldn't let me and Paulie share a plate so I got it to go with extra sauce. Don't mess with me when it comes to being a PIA. We went back home and just watched reruns on TV. Jeesh, when are the reruns gonna be over for heaven's sake!

I slept in Thursday morning. Didn't sleep too well last night for some reason. Paul and grandpa were already up so I just took a shower and then had a protein. Paul called the couple that have the doublewide for sale. We will take grandpa to go look at it at noon.

We drive over to Siesta Village and view the home; it is really really lovely. The furniture will stay. They had purchased this unit less than four months ago and bought it with the designer furnishings. I really liked it and I could tell grandpa did too. For once even Paulie was impressed. There was only one thing I didn't like and this is really just my had dark green carpet which matched the decor. Ugh. But, it is in good condition so it can stay for awhile.

Mel, the owner was very nice and for the life of me I have forgotten his wife's name, but she too was very sweet. Mel had to go to a billiards tournament, so we left after talking with them for a while. We went around the park and showed grandpa the pool and shuffle board courts, and he was very impressed with the large woodworking shop available for use. The ballroom is large and well kept and they even checked out the "men's club" where poker is played and drafts beers are two for a dollar. Grandpa's eyes lite up with that news.

We stopped at the post office and then headed back to the rig. Grandpa had a sandwich and I my usual lunch of cottage cheese and crackers. We will dine on roasted hotdogs for dinner.

The sun is now shining and the air is warming up. Paul and grandpa join Uncle Ben outside to chew the fat and Snickers and I head to the bedroom for our usual afternoon nap.

Paul made hotdogs and corn on the cob for dinner. Afterwards, we drive over to Radio shack to see if there is something that can boost this wifi signal. I was unable to get on at all since yesterday morning. Grrrrr. Nothing boosts range. We then went to Walmart where we fought crowds to get some more soda. This Walmart is always busy. Makes Springfield look deserted!

Well, I am sitting in the clubhouse typing this. I get a strong signal here. Wonder what the bugaboo is now for not getting the signal at the rig?

Friday is supposed to be 82 and sunny. Mexico is calling me if I can convince the two old farts....



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