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Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday January 5, 2006

Touring mobiles for sale...

Paulie and I were up about 8...grandpa was still sleeping. The old grump finally got up, complaining that we were making so much noise. Baloney. We had the fresh fruit from the Mexico border fruit stand...pineapple and cantaloupe. It was very sweet. We will definitely head to that fruit stand again. It is a beautiful day, the sun is shining and it is supposed to get up to the low 80's. Yes! Winter in the RGV...I hope I can get some sun today.

Paul called the sales gal from Siesta village to see if she could show us a couple of the older homes for sale in the park. We set the time for 11. When we arrived, she showed us the three places she had chosen, based on our preference...bedrooms on either side of the unit. The three units she showed us were all very old units...nothing like the new manufactured homes which have residential fixtures like the doors. Older mobiles have rv type doors and closets, carpeting and laminated cabinets. Fugly. All of these homes were fugly. And stinky...they need to put in air fresheners if they are gonna leave these places empty. All of the units did come with the lot included, and all came furnished. Ick. It was all old tacky furniture. I have my own crap to get rid of...I am not doing it for someone else! We just really wanted to compare the units both value and price to what we saw yesterday. Hands down, there is no comparison, LOL! Paulie and I suggested that we take grandpa to the guy that has the new homes for sale, and he agreed. We arrived at lunch time and he was not there. Paul called the office number and left a message. We decided to grab a burger and wait until he was scheduled to come back to the office around one. We checked out the golf course just on the other side of the Village...and grandpa had golfed there years ago when he and grandma used to stay here in the RGV. We headed back to the sales office and hooked up with Ray...a retired Army master Sargent major, or some such thing, like I know what that heck rank means. He showed us four new models. They are all nice, they all have various things we like and things we dislike. After viewing these, we parted with the master Sarge and headed over to the place we saw yesterday which is for sale by owner. Just then we spot another double wide for did we miss this one? It looks really nice with vaulted ceilings in the living room. Paul calls the number and leaves a message. About five minutes later a lady calls and says she can show us the is a friend's house. We meet up and wow, this place is a beautiful home...large living room with an open feel and a large open kitchen. Wow again...master suite with it's own sitting room. Wow. Two bedrooms at the other end that are large and the second bathroom has a skylight. Oh Wow. Upgraded carpet, molding all around, textured walls, real wood cabinets and kitchen counters that are edged with ceramic. It also has a wow price. Unfurnished it is about $10,000 more than the other one that is furnished. Hmmm. Dilemma after dilemma! I like this place, but am thinking it is way to big for grandpa to handle on his own. We thank the folks who showed us the place and drive around the corner. We see Clara sitting on the front porch of the other place and Mel is coming out the door. We wave and pull up, and they invite us in to see the house again. We all look again. Dollar for dollar, this is by far the best deal we have found. We all like the park, the layout of this unit and the fact that it has a nice front porch and room in the backyard. It has a great garage with an area that can be turned into a workshop. Not that at 90, grandpa is ever going to DO anything in the workshop. Plus both side neighbors live here year around. They could keep an eye on him on occasion. We visit with Clara and Mel for awhile...I know that they are anxious to get a deal struck but both these pollacks play the same game when it comes to buying something. Leave me out of it...I hate messin' with people.

Back at our rig, grandpa is complaining of stomach troubles. I swear, if I get to be 90, I promise not to obsess about my someone I know. There just has to be more interesting subjects right? Ick, ick, ick.

I am falling asleep in my chair so I decide to go lay down. Paulie is already out the door to happy hour as it is now about 4:30. I never do fall asleep and finally get up about 5:15.

We were planning on getting some fish from the Elks for dinner tonight. Paulie calls from the Elks and says the line is out the door and around the bldg. Back up dinner...Popeyes chicken. We wait for Paulie and finally he shows up with Church's fried chicken in his hands. Both Popeyes were closed when he got there! Weird. After dinner we overhear the announcer on TV say that all ten Popeye's in the Valley have been shut down...Paulie says he's vindicated and he's NOT crazy! Was there any doubt? Hahaha.

Friday night TV sucks the big one. Grandpa is still not feeling well, and I think he had his face all fixed for fried fish...and he's being pissy. He is very antsy and keeps getting up and going to the bathroom...then takes Pepi out for a walk. We are leery of letting him out with the dog at night as he complains he can't see in the dark. Just what we need, him falling down again.

We are heading over to the Mission/McAllen area tomorrow. There is a polka band playing at one of the town centers and grandpa is looking to polka with someone....

Not much else to report here...



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