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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday January 7, 2007

Polka Joe’s Polka Party….Riverside Park, Mission Texas

OK, so I am actually writing this on Sunday, and as you read on you will understand.

The morning was overcast, but it was warm. We had planned to go to Mission to see a polka band this afternoon. They are playing from two til six. I am really not in the mood, but I decide to go anyway, I had not been to Mission which is just outside McAllen. We arrive about 1:30 and the place is already full. All of the tables near the bandstand are taken. There must be over a hundred geezers here, some dressed in lederhosen and feathered caps, some in dirndl dresses and lacy aprons. Quite a site I must say. We sit at a table in the outer area, and we invited another couple who had just arrived at the same time to join us. They were from Minnesota. I can’t recall the gentleman’s name, but I remember her name is Tutie…she is all of 5 foot nothing.

Grandpa and I order a draft beer and our new friends order two diet cokes. Imagine my surprise when little Miss Tutie pulled out a flask and poured two three finger shots into their diet cokes! The Riverside club only serves beer and wine, but you can bring your own bottle. Looking around the full rooms, I see quite a few flasks popping up at the various tables. Too funny. Sure hope nobody gets stopped on the way home!

The Polish Prince finally shows up and orders a coke. The beer is nice and cold so what the heck, I order a pitcher. For 8 bucks it will give us about 6 glasses and the drafts are 2 bucks each. Economical right?

The polka party begins and wow, the floor is jammed. Our new friends dance and when she comes back, Tutie grabs grandpa and off they go. They look perfect together. She is eighty I think she said, and this is a second marriage for both. The husband is recovering from a stroke so he is not able to dance too much. Grandpa gladly takes his place. He just loves to polka.

The pitcher empties fast. The Polish Prince has a glass, and grandpa has a second fill. Ooops. Must be me. I order a second pitcher. We decide to order something to eat. The Prince and I split a brat dinner with sauerkraut, some cheesy potatoes, golabki, and homemade bread. Grandpa had fried cod with French fries. It really was good. Our new friends left about 4:30 and at about 5, I had finished the second pitcher and we were about ready to go home. I cannot believe how well I can walk after drinking so much beer! Off to the parking lot we go and just before we get to our car, a car begins to back out a parking spot right in front of us. Putz…almost hit us! Well, I think I tried to take a step backwards and lost my balance (so what else is new…?) and stumbled. I fell on to my knees but The Prince and grandpa grabbed me and pulled me right back up. OK. So I fell…it wasn’t because I had to much to drink…I swear…it was the uneven pavement, and the goof who scared the crap outta me by backing up so fast! Honest!

Once we got back to the rig, we turned on the football game. I almost fell asleep in the chair. I really wanted to post to my blog but I don’t think I would have been able to type! So, like a good little girl, I decided to hit the sack. I didn’t have a headache, get sick or have a hangover. After all it took me THREE hours to drink that much beer and I was just feeling a bit tipsy…not drunk for heaven’s sake!



Here is grandpa dancing with Tutie...

This is called the board of education....holes had been drilled in a board and then shot glasses are inserted then filled with brandy...ladies and men are invited up and must all drink the shots together...

Dee with Polka Joe in his beer stein hat...he was really sweaty and a bit stinky and I prolly would have not be smiling had I not already consumed a pitcher of beer....

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