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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunday January 7

Flea Market Frenzy....

After sleeping in this morning...OK, don't go there...I just needed the sleep yanno?

Grandpa had gone to a Spanish language church service which he really enjoyed and reported there wasn't a seat to be had.

We decided to go to the flea market at Victoria Palms and Paulie packed up my scooter. We split up once we got there and decided to meet in an hour near the music stage. Lots and lots of interesting junk. I didn't succumb to any temptation, altho I did splurge on a diet pepsi.

After meeting up at the alloted time, we decide to go to the other market across the street. Paul and grandpa went for the car and I headed across the street in the scooter. This flea market had new merchandise and in the center it was a farmers market with tons of fresh produce. I bought some orange and red peppers to make roasted peppers, some pretty wood roses which were scented, and then I splurged on a cowboy hat for myself. I also bought a set of T shirts for me and Paulie. I will have some pictures taken tomorrow of us modeling our shirts and me in my new hat. Promise.

Back at the rig we read the paper and watched football on TV. Paulie made hotdogs for dinner. of those days where we don't want much but need to eat dinner.

While downloading pictures today I came across some photos I had taken when we went to South Padre Island with Barb and Arnie. Hope you enjoy them.



Grandpa, me and a very slim and trim Barb...

A HUGE Texas steer visiting with the Polish Prince and me...I am far enough away not to get stuck with one of those monster horns, but the Prince is flirting with disaster...
HOWEVER...that frisky little nag behind Paulie decided his neck looked like something she wanted to you can tell from not only my body language, but my FACE...I am getting the hell outta dodge pronto...anything that has horns or huge teeth or feet cannot be trusted and I make tracks to get away....

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Anonymous said...

GREAT pictures of the bull AND the new house. It looks very nice - congrats to all!